home-directory totally messed up after changing SD-card after update to

asked 2014-03-18 08:23:21 +0300

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Hi After a successful update to v., I tried to insert a 64GB-SDXC-card instead of the working 16GB-SC-card.

I formatted it to ext4 (gparted under Debian Linux Jessie), because SailfishOS should finally recognize that filesystem.

Then I copied some directories to the card to have the possibility to verify, if the card works or not.

I inserted the card in my Jolla and everything seemed o.k.

I opened the filebrowser and saw a totally messed up home-directory with only the files, I copied to the card, but all other content (standard directories) wasn't there anymore. Then I tried to change to the SD-card-directory, but the filebrowser informed me, that there wasn't any.

Then I connected my Jolla to the PC and first of all to see, was that there two directories visible - home-directory and sd-card - Hurra :-)

But the Jolla-home-directory was totally messed up and all data in it deleted :-( :-( :-(

That really should be fixed as soon as possible!

Thanks guys!


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My 64GB SDXC card (formatted with brtfs) is working fine under I can access it from the command line (once I know where it is mounted) and it has not corrupted my home directory in any way.

However, I do not use the filebrowser.

gcobb ( 2014-03-19 22:28:08 +0300 )edit