[BUG] No label for missed "Private numbers" in events-view [duplicate]

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updated 2015-06-30 11:39:58 +0300

Whenever I miss a call from a private (withheld) number, the events-view (swipe up) doesn't show the label "Private number". Instead the UI shows an empty field which can look pretty messed up whenever I have listed several missed calls from different numbers.

Let's say I have 2 missed calls (incl. a Private number), it looks like:

2 , +411234567 or 2 +411234567,

instead of:

2 Private number, +411234567 or 2 +41234567, Private number

Otherwise those labels are shown correctly. Here's a screenshot of the bug: image description

Certainly a small bug, but probably easy to be removed by Jolla. So please vote to have that bug fixed as soon as possible :-)

Update: Bug still present on Sailfish OS

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