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Jolla reboots during recursive grep

asked 2014-06-10 12:06:14 +0200

Vuubi gravatar image

updated 2014-06-10 12:07:18 +0200

I have the latest update installed ( Saapunki). And I'm doing a recursive grep in root shell:

"grep -r android_storage /"

At some point the phone just reboots. Same thing happens with find/grep combo (find only searches for normal files with -type f).

I don't think this is normal behaviour and I can't check the system log before reboot... Anything I can do to debug?

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2 Answers

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answered 2014-06-10 15:49:15 +0200

rainisto gravatar image

updated 2014-06-10 18:55:43 +0200

You should not run recursive grep or find against /dev-dir as root. As currently opening some files there by root will cause device to reboot.

We are looking into the issue...

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Actually the fix for that should be in the next update ;)

Philippe De Swert ( 2014-06-11 16:25:22 +0200 )edit

answered 2014-07-15 15:42:45 +0200

Philippe De Swert gravatar image

This is fixed in the latest SailfishOS update 8 (

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