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[bug] unicode link truncked in message app

asked 2014-06-29 22:36:44 +0300

NeWin gravatar image

updated 2014-07-01 01:49:22 +0300

ssahla gravatar image

After some research I did not find any report like this. the problem is simple: i just recieve a link in official messages sailfish app and the link is truncate at 'é'. the message itself is not altered the app does not detect the link in the message as a link after the letter 'é'

i don't know if my description was clear so here is a screenshot to explain better the bug

hope that help...

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answered 2014-07-01 09:27:24 +0300

rainisto gravatar image

Thanks for the bug report. I created entry for it in internal bugzilla.

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