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[BUG] call volume at earpiece changes frequently

asked 2014-07-11 09:06:14 +0300

Stefan P gravatar image

updated 2015-10-26 21:27:38 +0300

Normally i use the lowest sound level for a call otherwise in most environment it would be to loud for me. But the problem is that sometimes the lowest sound level is clearly louder than it should be. Sometimes it changes back to where it should be during the call, sometimes it stays there for several calls, sometimes it is lower at the next call and mostly after a reboot it's also back to lowest level. It is quite easy to compare for me, because the call volume when i call my voice mail box is always on the same constant level. There is no difference whether the phone is using 2G or 3G and which network provider my call partner is using.

I don't use any headset while this is happening, neither i use the loudspeaker. Another question for me is why the lowest sound level is called "silenced" when the receiver isn't silenced??

My phone was in Finland for repair already twice and the behaviour is already better but still occures several times a day. But i'm sure that this is a software related problem, as with the csd tool i always get the same sound levels at every test and as i mentioned before my voice mail box is also always on the same level. I'm using firmware version

Update: I have now used a few days on my phone and the problem is still there. Some calls are at normal volume level, others are really loud while the set volume level is always on minimum for every call.

Update: After a few weeks of observing on the only thing i can say is that my voice mail box is always on the desired volume level. On all other calls the volume level is sometimes as selected and sometimes very loud (always lowest level selected). It doesn´t matter which network i´m calling to or which phone the called person is using. Please Jolla fix that in the next update as sometimes it´s so loud that i can feed the phone body vibrating. Would be nice if just the phone function is working properly, all other things come second for me personal on my phone.

Update: The problem is still there several times every day, please think about to fix this with the next update. I am sure this problem is software related.

Update: Since update no. 9/10 is still on it´s way, please consider to fix this bug with it! I must be a software related problem, because i have one specific call partner were the call volume is always very loud and i´m only able to make it louder.

UPDATE: Meanwhile my Jolla was in Finland for repair several times again, it was exchanged already two times and the bug is still there. There is one call opponent where the call volume is every time deafeningly loud and i can even feel the phone case vibrating. On the other hand my voice mail box has everytime the adjusted volume level. I have now used my Nokia N9 to verify this bug again and it never appeared. So for me it is clear that this must be a software related problem and i'm waiting for a solution since more than one year. For me it looks like the call volume has to be normalized and this is not happening, so there are different volume levels even the adjusted volume is always the same. The phone is running 1.1.27 and the bug is not related to any app or phone setting, i have tested everything. A SIM card from another mobile network showed the same results (bug happening). In this state the phone is not really usable, but i really would like to do so as i want to support Jolla and enjoy my phone. I hope that sometimes there will be some response from Jolla here in this thread, but i'm already waiting for this to happen a long time. (14.01.2015)

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I don't have sound at all when a take a call or make a call. Doesn't make a difference if i put sound level at max or min. I have to put on the loudspeaker to hear the person on the other side of the line. All the rest of the sounds are working normal.

Hans ( 2014-08-11 19:51:12 +0300 )edit

Please Jolla do something againt this bug at the next update!! I am sure this is a software problem because some called numbers are always at the desired sound level, some are always really loud and for some the phone does change the level from time to time.

Stefan P ( 2014-08-26 00:05:46 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-10-26 21:38:16 +0300

Stefan P gravatar image

Update (26.10.2015,

In the meanwhile i have updated my phone to, but the bug is still present. I'm still sure that this is a software bug, because even a new phone didn't change the problem. Some calls are at the desired volume level at the earpiece and sometimes the lowest selectable volume level is so loud that surrounding people can even listen to the call. The loudspeaker is definitely not activated at this point. Sadly this bug is the only thing why i'm still using my N9 over the Jolla as daily phone and the Jolla as "tablet" sometimes.

At the risk to sound repeating, but i have never ever expected this behaviour with any other phone yet (Sony Experia Mini Pro, Nokia N9, ...). My SIM-card is already exchanged to a new one since this problem arrised, so it must be a Jolla problem. I can't understand, that i'm the only one with that bug, so it would be interesting to have some feedback from other Austrian Jolla users with BOB as network provider.

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hello stefan... using also BoB and can't confirm your problem. (tested with mailbox and a few other numbers.) But I try to remeber your problem on the next calls i receive or make... using most of the time in vienna or countryside in styria... good luck mjm

mjm ( 2015-10-30 13:36:59 +0300 )edit
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