[HELP] Download zypper on pc [closed] [not a question]

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Is there any way to download zypper to pc (Windows) and then install it on Jolla.

have to type

zypper in -f lipstick-jolla-home-qt5

because I messed lipstick (dont know exactly how), but I do not have zypper installed. (Patchmanager warned me not to reboot my device, because it could break) also internet connections does not work on my Jolla .
So I can not type : pkcon install zypper

EDIT: But then i would have to download lipstick-jolla-home-qt5, but as said, I dont have internet connection.. how to go on? Any idea?

EDIT2: I did a backup and then a restart. All seems to work again! So I close this thread!

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Why did you not just do "pkcon install zypper" since you probably sill had pkcon there :)

juiceme ( 2014-09-14 14:03:53 +0200 )edit