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Native Jolla Apps - New Versions after Upgrade to Uitukka /

asked 2014-10-25 23:37:03 +0300

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updated 2014-10-27 17:52:31 +0300

Andy Branson gravatar image

I just noticed, that although having upgraded successfully to the new Uitukka, the native Sailfish Jolla Apps have not been updated or at least not all. Some other questions here and some app comments in the Jolla Store suggest, that some users have been able to get some or all the apps updates, while others are still running some or all of the older versions. And yes, I have rebooted my Jolla a few times, everything is running smooth and still the Jolla Store shows no updates available. Is this some sync issue of the versions, how can I now which ones are the newest ones and should I be running? Is there some hint, what to do, or maybe some command line workaround?

I write down my actually installed versions of the Jolla Apps on my phone as looked up in the Jolla Store on October 25th, 2014. (Btw, it would be nice to have an "About" information in every app.) Please feel free to add comments confirming the new or the old versions of the standard apps on your Jolla.

[ Edit: on suggestion by @attah I added a few rpm-package details to each jolla app (command line: #rpm -qi package-name). Please add the missing rpm package names at the placeholders ??? ]

  • App name: Microsoft Exchange. Installed: 0.1.53. Updated: 23:26, 09/07/2014. RPM name: qmf-activesync-plugin. Version:0.1.53. Release: 10.22.60.jolla. Build Date: 10/10/2014.
  • App name: Clock. Installed: Updated: 23:24, 09/07/2014. RPM name: jolla-clock. Version: Release: 10.16.3.jolla. Build Date: 14/08/2014.
  • App name: Calculator. Installed: 0.2.1. Updated: 23:24, 09/07/2014. RPM name: jolla-calculator. Version: 0.2.1. Release: 10.12.2.jolla. Build Date: 14/08/2014.
  • App name: Media. Installed: Updated: 23:25, 09/07/2014. RPM name: jolla-mediaplayer. Version: Release: 10.20.11.jolla. Build Date: 11/10/2014.
  • App name: Notes. Installed: 0.8.36. Updated: 23:19, 09/07/2014. RPM name: jolla-notes. Version: 0.8.36. Release: 10.12.2.jolla. Build Date: 11/10/2014.
  • App name: Documents. Installed: 1.1.1. Updated: 23:27, 09/07/2014. RPM name: sailfish-office. Version: 1.1.1. Release: 10.13.2.jolla. Build Date: 14/08/2014.
  • App name: Maps. Installed: 1.0.13. Updated: 14:52, 16/07/2014. RPM name: sailfish-maps. Version: Release: 10.17.1.jolla. Build Date: 29/09/2014.
  • App name: Mail. Installed: Updated: 23:21, 09/07/2014. RPM name: jolla-email. Version: Release: 10.43.5.jolla. Build Date: 08/10/2014.
  • App name: Calendar. Installed: 0.4.32. Updated: 23:23, 09/07/2014. RPM name: jolla-calendar. Version: 0.4.32. Release: 10.27.1.jolla. Build Date: 15/08/2014.
  • App name: Android Support. Installed: 0.13.9. Updated: 13:15, 02/07/2014. RPM name: aliendalvik. Version: 0.13.9. Release: 1. Build Date: 16/10/2014.

And last but not least, the new

  • App name: Sailfish Utilities. Installed: 0.0.7. Updated: 22/10/2014. RPM name: sailfish-utilities. Version: 0.0.7. Release: 10.3.1.jolla. Build Date: 01/09/2014.

I deduce from this list, that only the apps with rpm package build date in September or October have been updated. Feel free to look up the details for other packages you're interested in. A full list is available with the command: #rpm -qa

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@Andy Branson: thanks for updating the missing rpm packages!

melg01 ( 2014-10-27 18:37:40 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-10-25 23:47:25 +0300

attah gravatar image

updated 2014-10-26 22:40:39 +0300

The store information seems to be off (or just refer to the original install date). I checked the calendar app that i know for a fact i got an update on. In the store it says installed 0.4.32 and updated 23:23, 2014-07-09. But in the terminal i see:

    [nemo@localhost ~]$ rpm -qid jolla-calendar
Name        : jolla-calendar
Version     : 0.4.32
Release     : 10.27.1.jolla
Architecture: armv7hl
Install Date: Sat Oct 25 14:43:19 2014
Group       : System/Applications
Size        : 169083
License     : TBD
Signature   : DSA/SHA1, Fri Aug 15 08:13:07 2014, Key ID 68ebdd7df2633ee0
Source RPM  : jolla-calendar-0.4.32-10.27.1.jolla.src.rpm
Build Date  : Fri Aug 15 08:12:55 2014
Build Host  : es-17-21
Relocations : (not relocatable)
Vendor      : meego
URL         :
Summary     : Jolla Calendar Application
Description :
The Jolla Calendar application.

I'm not sure what the build date means here, but the calendar was definitely updated in the latest release. And there haven't been any releases since then either, right? Thus, unless you find missing features or something like that I think you are up to date too.

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