Would it be legally possible to retroactively license the phone for exFAT (SDXC-cards)? [not relevant]

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Does anyone know about the legal details of SDXC/exFAT licensing? I'm thinking about the following scenario: Jolla might decide to license full SDXC support for the tablet. (This is, by the way, not dependent on the stretch goals currently under discussion elsewhere.)

If they do - is there a way they could retroactively buy the needed licenses for the phones already sold? Or is there a need to have the product licensed before it hits the market?

As a related question, does anyone know about the financial aspects of this licensing? Is it strictly "per device" (which would mean: No real benefit for Jolla to even think of this issue)? Or is there some kind of minum license fee and then per xx devices? In the latter case, it would even make sense economically to minimise the license fee per device by including all devices.

Note please that I'm interested in legal and commercial viabiliy only. There is a completely unrelated discussion going on about if support for SDXC cards is desireable at all.

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Closing as outdated because, while Jolla has taken my money for SDXC support, they finally turned away from the idea of SDXC on Sailfish devices for good. Self cleaning according to


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