Repeating item + caldav + DST

asked 2016-10-31 13:29:06 +0200

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I have a weird problem with a repeating item in a caldav calendar. It shows OK when we have DST active. When we are back in normal time, it shows - well, it shows in the same UTC time, that is, one hour too early local time. I've probably originally entered the item during DST. The caldav server is Horde. I used to use the Horde calendar with Exchange, but the new Exchange Account doesn't work with Horde at all.

(The item, obviously, shows correctly in the Horde Kronolith calendar, DST or not.)

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I tried to see what happens if I were to edit the entry. I changed the times, and sure enough, after the edit the times were correct during both DST and normal time.

elakim ( 2016-11-02 11:17:56 +0200 )edit