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[Bug] Renamed contact have original name after reboot

asked 2017-10-30 14:13:57 +0300

evo3de gravatar image

I´ve edited (renamed) some contacts (name change after marrige) after reboot the change is gone and the old name ist displayed. Can anyone confirm this bug?

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Do you sync your contacts via Goole? I have had this behaviour with some single contacts. You can try to edit them on the Google website.

HansA ( 2017-10-30 15:27:13 +0300 )edit

@HansA you got it, thanks a lot ;-)

Stay open as bug, so the sync (SfOS -> Google) did not work

evo3de ( 2017-10-30 16:36:29 +0300 )edit

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answered 2020-09-29 14:51:24 +0300

tom.i gravatar image

I have similar issue. I had one contact for person who left our company, and his phone number has another guy, so I renamed it and it shows me sometimes previous name. Weird bug :-/

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