Swipe virtual keyboard sideways to switch between layouts [released]

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Dear Sailors,

switching between virtual keyboard layouts via the space key(s) provides an awkward user experience, if more than two layouts are configured (e.g. English, another language and Emoji keyboard), especially when using the split vKBD (in landscape orientation) and/or layouts having small space keys (e.g. the "arrow" keyboards from OpenRepos).

Hence I appreciate the suggestion made by @sledges in the Mer meeting on 2017-10-18, 08:12:54 very much: would miss [...] the unimplemented "swipe-sideways-to-change-layouts"

This would constitute a huge usability improvement for those using more than two layout regularly and is supposedly (on first sight) not too hard to implement.
Thus I am documenting this idea here.

Side note: I absolutely accord to the statements in that Mer meeting, that these two existing features of the vKBD are really nice, but unfortunately not well documented (e.g. in the tutorial):

  • Swipe down to hide keyboard.
    This also resets "stuck word suggestions (T9)" bug, which sometimes occurs.
  • Longpress and just releasing on space key(s) switches between layouts, when (exactly) two vKBD layouts are configured.

Cheers & happy sailing.

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This wouldnt work well with a 'swipe' (okboard) style keyboard

pigg ( 2017-12-10 11:18:17 +0200 )edit

Not necessarily:

  • "Swiping for changing layouts" could be automatically or optionally turned off, when a swiping keyboard is active.
  • As SailfishOS differentiates between "on-screen swipes" and "edge swipes", this could be used to differentiate between "on keyboard swipes" (they have to be separated anyway, from "on rest of the screen swipes") and "keyboard edge swipes". But it would have to also differentiate between "edge swipe, where the keyboard is, when the keyboard is up") in contrast to edge swipes further up on the screen, which still ought to put the foreground application in the background (i.e. switch to the apps cover view).
olf ( 2017-12-10 17:33:54 +0200 )edit