Creating "General Email" account fails (Connection timeout) [answered]

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Update: I managed to create a "general email" account by rebooting the device at the time the connection timeout message was displayed. This way, the account information survived the reboot and the account could be used without problems. I'm completely puzzled because after the successful creation of this one "general email" account, both other accounts that I failed to configure yesterday could easily be set up without the reboot -- even the account credential check succeeded.

Unsatisfactory as this situation developed, the title should read more like "There's something wrong with general email accounts on SFOS".

Old problem description:

I am unable to create accounts of the type "general email" with SFOS I tried creating three different accounts (one after finding out that I could not create an Exchange account for the service), all of them with different hostnames and different security settings. All attempts got stuck after "Checking account credentials ...", saying that there was a connection timeout reaching the incoming mail server.

Interestingly, I could not detect a single TCP packet leaving the phone during this account credential check using tcpdump. I have access to some of these mail servers and didn't see anything arriving there, too. So I suspect a problem with setting up the connection, probably related to a new firewall setting (as is now shipping an iptables enabled kernel).

Probably this problem is related to a couple of people mentioning that "general email" accounts stop syncing after the update, as syncing of course involves logging into the server and exchanging credentials. Another probable correlation I noticed was that when I restored several accounts of this type from a backup, the phone became unresponsive and I had to factory reset it. (I managed to alter the backup such that I could restore it without those accounts.)

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I am using a imap/smtp type mail account and have no sync problems.

Granted, I did not try to create a new account as this has been with me for years.

juiceme ( 2019-01-10 10:55:30 +0200 )edit

I too have experienced this problem, and another one, both related to General Mail account.

After a lot of problems with mobile connectivity on my XA2 I tried to re-install Android and after testing and using Android for some time re-flashed Sailfish

After re-flashing I restored the phone accounts, settings, etc. from a backup on a SD-card. The General Mail accounts did restore, without password as they should, but it was not possible simply to type in the correct password because the password for some reason was not saved.

I deleted both General mail accounts and created new ones but both failed with "Checking account credentials ...", and then saying there was a connection timeout reaching the incoming mail server.

I rebooted the phone and was then able to create new General Email accounts.

My caldav account which connects to the same email server and one of the same email accounts worked fine. I could update the password and it was saved without any problems and the caldav account connected to the server just fine without rebooting or any other action.

DK-Sailor ( 2019-01-24 12:08:08 +0200 )edit