[] [XA2] Thank you for a really good update [personal opinion][not a question]

asked 2020-05-02 15:13:28 +0200

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updated 2020-05-02 15:21:22 +0200

I was really reluctant to install due all the entries on this forum about the update. I admit I was even thinking of taking extra measures before the update from 3.2.x

I am so happy with it is a huge leap on usability for my personal use case. I do not even use SD card on this phone but it is my daily driver personal phone

Things I love:

  • Nextcloud integration. I was already using it for address book with an external app. Was as easy as delete that, and add the nextcloud account .. I do have recognized by the OS SSL certificates and got 0 issues. Was a surprise that it creates a subdir "Sailfis OS" after what you pass as directory if anything. I just put the URL of the server (no webdav URL) and that was it, great.
  • I confirm whatsapp videos reproduction works as stated on the changelog, thanks a lot
  • Nextcloud Talk Audio and Video calls works with android app! YEAH. Thanks a ton!
  • Restel now works ... awesome
  • RD Desktop app now works
  • Mikrotik app works now! (maybe worked before I just did not try it before) ...
  • Android support hugely improved

The new icons are small change but spot on for my taste

Things still do not work for me:

  • Signal address book integration, need to test calls
  • Netflix still need to go and fish for some specific version I pass doing that (lazy)

Overall happy with the upgrade. Looking fw the next one :)

Thanks a lot

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