[Bug] E-Mail notifications vanish from the events view

asked 2019-05-06 13:23:07 +0300

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updated 2019-06-20 13:29:37 +0300


The (grouped) notifications of unread e-mails are disappearing from the events view even though they were not clicked/removed/read.

If you e.g. have 5 unread e-mail notifications, after some days 4 notifications will disappear by itself and one notification will stay. With further incoming notifications this behaviour will go on until the last notification(s) are shown.

Another issue is that very often the notifications are also decoupled from the E-Mail application, so that if you read an E-Mail (without clicking on the notification to get to this E-Mail) the corresponding notification won't be cleared and stays there even after reading the E-Mail.

Affected devices and versions

This bahaviour only occurs on my SFOS X license running on a Sony Xperia XA2 Dual-Sim device. The issue exists since the initial SFOS release for the XA2 and currently still exists on SFOS I have three active e-mail accounts on my device.

My Jolla1 and Jolla Tablet devices are not affected by this issue.

How to reproduce

  1. Set up an e-mail account
  2. Receive some e-mails
  3. Wait for about 24 hours without removing the notifications
  4. Receive some more e-mails
  5. Again wait for about 24 hours without removing the notifications
  6. Result: At least the e-mail notifications from step 3. should be gone. After some more time also the notifications from step 4. will vanish until only the last notification is shown constantly on the events view.

Expected behaviour

All the e-mail notifications should be shown on the events view as long as I remove them manually or read the corresponding E-Mails.

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