Exchange calendar sync not working after Nuuksio update

asked 2020-01-16 16:31:35 +0300

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I'm using an Exchange (Office 365, server) account provided by my employer for work email and calendar. I've been using it on my Jolla phones (first Jolla 1, then Jolla C, now XA2) for a long time. Syncing Exchange emails used to be slow and/or unreliable, but it got much better in the 3.2.0 Torronsuo update, which is a bit surprising because the Torronsuo release notes don't mention anything about Exchange sync. As I remember it, email syncing was suddenly near-instant, it happened every time I opened my email inbox, and was generally reliable. I didn't pay much attention to calendar sync but generally my Exchange events ended up in the Jolla calendar.

Anyway I updated to 3.2.1 Nuuksio in late December and suddenly the Exchange sync was completely broken. First I couldn't sync at all. Following the Exchange troubleshooting tips I removed my Exchange account and re-created it; then I could see my emails again, but syncing was still flaky - for example when opening the email inbox the automatic sync took around a minute and then failed with an error, although if I opened the inbox later I could see that some new messages had arrived. I noticed that if I disable calendar syncing in the Exchange account settings then email syncing starts working fine again. So the problem appears to be related to the calendar syncing part.

While writing this I decided to try to remove and recreate my Exchange account settings once more. When creating the account, I only enabled email sync, not calendar or contacts sync. Email syncing now works well, but obviously the Calendar app doesn't show my Exchange calendars. Then I enabled calendar sync as well. Email sync still works fine (an improvement over the situation in the previous paragraph!) and I can now see my Exchange calendars when I select "Manage calendars" in the Calendar app, and I can select or deselect them, yet syncing calendar events still doesn't work. The Calendar app just tries to sync seemingly forever if I select Update (with pulsing top bar) and I can't see any of my events. If I sync from the pulley menu in the Exchange account settings instead, it finishes in less than a second, but apparently that doesn't help with the calendar events.

I'm running out of ideas what to do to get my calendar sync working again. Are there any log files on the device where I could look for hints? Or is there some trick that I've missed? Anyone else have this problem?

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