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Dark Reader FTW - makes application developent pages more readable

asked 2020-03-22 23:26:39 +0200

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HI all

Over the years 1990 to october 2018 my terminal windows, (emacs) editor windows, desktop theme, and everything, had white background.

In fall 2018 I got an eye problem, and after that watching white backgrounds started to be irritating -- so in just over a day I switched terminal, emacs and desktop themes to be dark...

and soon I started to see how to solve the light background in most of the web pages...

Now, I've converged to 'Dark Reader' -- recommended Firefox extension, available on other browsers (at least chrom...), too and source is available in github...

Usually the pages Dark Reader does color changes look reasonably good, but sometimes there is only small color difference in dark background and dark text (which, obviously makes the pages hard to read), and one has to switch the dark mode off temporarily just for those pages...

... but, in case of the 'Application Development' pages in sailfish.org -- switching to dark background with Dark Reader also increases the contrast of the pages -- to my eyes the text on the original white background was always hard to read (due to colors chosen)....

... that's of course YMMV -- but I recommend everyone who feels the same to try 'Dark Reader' browser extension and see the difference!

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There is also a mode in Webcat to switch to dark mode. Though it cannot be turned on permanently. Maybe I can add a setting for this.

leszek ( 2020-03-22 23:37:23 +0200 )edit

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answered 2020-03-24 05:34:57 +0200

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updated 2020-03-24 05:37:08 +0200

Dark reader is awesome.

For firefox, there is also "Dark Background and Light Text" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dark-background-light-text/), which performs significantly better, and has a couple of different methods available.

  • Invert (similar to dark reader.)
  • Stylesheet. <-- my preference. Much faster, and completely black background.
  • Simple CSS.
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