bug: email app stops working after factory reset [not relevant]

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Because I had some issues with my Jolla I decided to make a factory reset. It's hard stuff cause theres is no really way to backup to sd-card...

After reset and update to and I installed all Jolla apps, but the email app isn't working properly. After installing my mail-account the app tried to download my mails (>1000) and failed at approx. no. 280. Now after starting the app it displays in the cover "loading" and dissapears...! After a while it appears in the home screen, but I cannot use it, no sync, no writing new mails. They go to outbox where they stay. The only thing to do is to read some of the 280 with interruption of the systemnotification that the app is not working properly. After installing my second mail account, nothing really happens with that.

Before factory reset the mail app was working as it should with to accounts and all the large amounts of mails...

So what to do about it? Another reset seems not to be a good option... Now clue what app will stop working after that...!

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Can you collect logs ?

Having developer mode on as root, do:

journalctl -af

and then start the app.

VDVsx ( 2014-02-18 09:39:29 +0300 )edit