Bug: Keeps generating new "globe" contacts, Paarlampi

asked 2014-04-16 17:40:17 +0200

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updated 2014-09-16 23:07:03 +0200

This may also be related to the people autolinking problem bug: https://together.jolla.com/question/26236/bug-unable-to-add-contact-with-name-similar-to-existing-one/#37395

but it is not exactly the same. There is a sort of contacts represented with a "globe" icon, I don't know what they are (web-only contacts generated through google account or something?). Anyhow, it seems for at least one of my contacts that it keep generating several instances of this type of contact and also auto-linking it under the real one. I don't really know what happens and what this kind of globe contacts represents but it is annoying as it can be.

I can change the title if someone can clarify what the "globe" contacts are.

EDIT: It seems to mean that they are google-contacts (imported/synced from google).

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As far as I know, the globe contacts are contacts who are 'online' (or 'away'). If you set your presence to 'offline', they won't show up and the globe will be greyed out.

nthn ( 2014-04-16 18:00:23 +0200 )edit

Ok, thanks for the info. But if they are meant as indicating a status, why does it generate several physical instances of a contact in the address book with this icon, and then link them?

Thats the only place I have seen them, and I have never been able to set my status to online or away, because "controlled services" is always empty. There is the always present google-account notification bug that keeps asking to update the google-account. It doesn't matter how many times I authenticate.

Larswad ( 2014-04-16 18:07:18 +0200 )edit

This is happening to me too. I discovered that if I go into my google contacts (https://www.google.com/contacts) there are hundreds of copies of each contact now. If I tell google to "find and merge duplicate contacts" I can clean up the google contacts, but then the phone adds them right back again. I don't know how to clean up my phone's internal database. I now have so many spurious "contacts" it slows down the phone program by throwing up "duplicate contact" errors in the logs.

thebat137 ( 2014-04-23 06:46:33 +0200 )edit

Stupid comment length restrictions... I wanted to note that I can at least prevent the phone from continuing to mess up the google contacts database by turning off the "sync" feature for my google account, but that prevents me from syncing everything, including my calendar, which is an essential tool for me. The lack of fine control over what gets synced is also extremely problematic.

thebat137 ( 2014-04-23 06:48:47 +0200 )edit

Okay, one further addendum... it seems to be working okay now that I turned off sync, cleaned up the contacts in google, and then turned it back on. I will report back if it starts being a problem again. ETA: Nope, I'm wrong. I should've turned the 'net off and on again after restoring the sync setting. Once I did that, it started duplicating everything again. This is unbelievably annoying.

thebat137 ( 2014-04-23 06:51:56 +0200 )edit