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Release date : 19.12.2014

Free space required: ~2 GB

 22.12.2014 Update: now being rolled out for all our users

As you may have noticed, the rolling out of Vaarainjärvi was put on hold on the evening of 18.12.2014. At Jolla, we follow a process for staged releasing of software updates, allowing us to gather end user feedback right from the field before making it a mass public release.

This has allowed us to catch the device lock issue spotted by two users yesterday. We promptly put the release on hold and investigated the issue. At this point, considering the holiday season, we decided that it's best to remove the alphanumeric lock code feature from the release.

Our 'First Ones' and Update9 opt-in users have received a hotfix on 19.12.2014.

Existing update10 users, if you have enabled alphanumeric lock code in settings, consider switching it back to numeric, otherwise after accepting the hotfix you will have to stay with alphanumeric mode until Update 11.

The rest of our users will receive an OS update notification for directly without the alphanumeric lock code feature.

Your patience and support fuels our dedication to provide you with a well-prepared release. The OOM handling by the SailfishOS has been significantly improved, thus allowing daily usage of the phone without major hiccups. We are now comfortable releasing update10 to all our users while we continue to work on other improvements.

This is a huge software update if you have not opted in for update9. Please ensure that you have ~2GB of free disk space before attempting to upgrade your Jolla. If connected to the internet, your Jolla should receive an OS update notification shortly.

As usual, before attempting to upgrade your Jolla,

  • Take a backup of your phone content and copy it to SD card
  • Clean up your phone from unnecessary data (old backups, downloaded content etc) before attempting to upgrade the software. This is to ensure that the software update has enough diskspace to complete its operation.
  • If your device is running software version lower than and have WareHouse app installed (i.e you are using OpenRepos), disable all openrepo repositories

Do not reboot the device while the update is in progress. The device screen may blank out during the update process, you may waken the display by a short press on the power key to monitor the progress.

For detailed instructions on updating software, visit Zendesk.

Once the device has rebooted after a successful upgrade, Android runtime starts to update it's environment. Allow a couple of minutes for it to finish its stuff before taking the phone into regular use. Using the phone during this period can appear sluggish.

The release notes includes a combined summary of the highlights from update9 and 10.

The corresponding SDK release will be available on the 5th of January 2015. It will include the updated rpmvalidator which allows the new libraries to be used in Store as announced in the community meeting from 25th of November 2014.
Harbour testing team will start using the new rpmvalidator from 7th of January 2015 onwards (note that 6th of January 2015 is a public holiday in Finland).

Whats new?

UI interaction changes

  • Hierarchy indicator at the top left corner of the view replaced by a single indicator trailing off the edge of the view
  • In accounts settings view, changes made are immediately saved.
    • Previously, an explicit user action (pressing 'Accept') was required.
  • App dialogs are now visually separated from normal app pages by having accept and cancel buttons from the page area to a persistent header

Highlights of improvements

Improvements in core OS

  • New rendering engine that significantly reduces both CPU and GPU load
  • Minimized apps now drop surfaces and OpenGL context to reduce memory usage
  • More responsive Android apps through rewritten Wayland system integration
  • Contacts database loading improvements
  • Ensures that phone UI never gets killed when OOM (Out of Memory) handling kicks in
  • Improved browser memory handling when closing tabs
  • Automatically unloading browser tabs in low memory situation
  • Drops memory-heavy HTML email viewer from memory when not used in a while
  • Loads Phone dialers, Device lock, Facebook and Twitter feed pages in memory on demand
  • Enables memory compaction configuration option in kernel
  • Adds memnotify patch to kernel to get notifications on memory thresholds being crossed
  • MCE is now able to receive and set up memory thresholds with /dev/memnotify
  • Connection manager VPN daemon (connman-vpnd) is no longer started on boot to lower memory footprint
  • Enabled zram in kernel, suggested by community in this post
  • Has a custom Wayland protocol implemented for Android runtime to free memory better in OOM conditions
  • Optimizes call log models, and limiting the number of call log pages being loaded to reduce the time taken to startup phone app and drop memory usage
  • Makes OOM killer more verbose to further aid debugging
  • Home screen only loads visible notifications to reduce memory usage

Other Improvements

  • Fixed weird cpu usage numbers
  • Improvements to end-of-cpu-keepalive handling
  • MCE over D-bus now introspectable
  • Adds enablers in MCE to allow dimming when the display brightness is already at the minimum in the UI settings
  • Systemtap (https://sourceware.org/systemtap/) now available in Mer and enabled in kernel
  • Sets correct USB identifier for Rescue Mode (Vendor ID 2931, Product ID 0A06)
  • Phone no longer shuts down when connected to the charger while hitting the shutdown limit (0-2%)
  • When the phone is off and the battery is nearly empty (0-2%), connecting the charger now displays the battery percentage in red and provides vibra feedback when the user tries to power on the device by pressing the power key
  • Smoother bootup animations when the device boots up from act dead mode
  • In cases where there are issues in the early boot process of the device, an animation is shown during the auto recovery process to indicate to the user that "something is happening, do not turn off the device or remove battery"
  • Fixes dbus vulnerabilities: CVE-2014-3639 , CVE-2014-3638 , CVE-2014-3637 ,CVE-2014-3636, CVE-2014-3635
  • Fixes CVE-2014-7169, CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-1568 vulnerabilities


  • Opening an app now shows a busy indicator animation on the app cover instead of the static "Loading" label
  • Attempting to view events (via swipe-up gesture on the lock screen) while the device is locked now brings up the device lock keypad to allow unlocking the device
  • Attempting to open an app from Lock screen shortcuts while the device is locked now brings up the device lock keypad to allow unlocking the device and then opens the app to foreground


  • Connection dialog now closes after connecting to a hidden WLAN AP
  • Data counters calculation is now fixed, but resets the previous erroneous values
  • The list of saved networks are now sorted by last seen. Currently connected AP is always listed at the top of the saved networks list
  • While on roaming, the operator name is now displayed under mobile data settings
  • When internet sharing option is enabled, you can no longer edit it's settings
  • Internet sharing requires a password min 8 characters in length
  • Fix to WLAN disconnect issue while roaming due to RSN IE mismatch (Robust Secure Network Information Element)
  • Maximum transmission unit (MTU) of Internet interface for mobile data was downsized to 1280 bytes as some networks do not support big MTU's but drop them. This change may help in cases where mobile data connection does not work reliably or at all.
  • 'Problem with connection' error banners now display connection type icon to indicate the type of connection having issues


  • Modified account descriptions are now saved correctly during new generic email account setup
  • Improvements to handling bluetooth connections to devices with invalidated link keys
  • Checks for duplicate Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts before saving a newly configured account
    • Note: Duplication detection can be done only with newly created Facebook accounts. Therefore, if you have a Facebook account already configured prior to this release, it will not be checked as possible duplicate while creating a new Facebook account
  • Main accounts list now displays account description and username
    • Previously, it displayed account's provider and description
  • 'Add accounts' page now lists generic accounts separate from named providers (like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft Exchange)
  • Account setup flow now operates on single selection enabling users to setup one account at a time
    • Previously, it supported multi selection of accounts with each account having a different view/option, thus making the account setup flow complex
  • Easily sync Microsoft Exchange account via the context menu option on account list view or via the pulley menu item in the Exchange account settings view
  • Google account setup view now indicates to the user that Mail app is required to use Gmail
  • Configured Jolla account cannot be disabled anymore
  • Sync options under Google and Microsoft Exchange accounts are now listed in the same order
  • Disabling touch screen vibration no longer disables call vibration
  • Changing developer mode password shows up lock code dialog and asks for entering the lock code
  • Enabling Remote connection (SSH) in developer mode no longer requires a reboot for it to work
  • Improvements to Owncloud CalDav support
  • Fixes an issue in the CalDav support that caused non-latin characters to be incorrectly displayed 60213/caldav-sync-to-owncloud-with-non-latin-characters-results-in-question-marks-being-displayed and 55033/caldav-not-supporting-umlauts
  • Restore saved passwords in Browser. Note that SailfishOS does not yet support encrypted backup, so your passwords are stored as is. We recommend you to copy the backed up data onto your notebook and encrypt it if required.


  • Messages created with recipient information only are now properly saved under Drafts
  • Expands the background fill on the last row of the alphabetical grid to improve visuals
  • Allows contact to be saved with only company name (previously mandated either first/last name or nickname)
  • Improves link/unlink behaviour w.r.t remorse timers
  • Keyboard now automatically hides when the list of search results is scrolled


  • Easily copy unsaved number from call log via 'Copy' context menu option
    • Note: this option is only available for unsaved numbers
  • DTMF tones are now played at 50% of the max volume. While on a voice call, it follows the voice call volume.
  • Changing a call barring option now displays a more coherant message "Enter a call barring code" (was previously "Enter PIN code")
  • Disable all call barring settings in one go via the 'Disable all' pulley menu option
  • Display close icon on keyboard enter key on empty call forwarding fields
  • Emergency calls are now made to the GSM standard number 112 unless the user has dialled a different number. The GSM network will route the call as required in each country (where local emergency numbers are in use).


  • Improved landscape view of received MMS



  • Moves handwriting engine to background thread to improve performance
  • Improved support for many frequently used traditional Chinese characters in Cantonese, like 嗰、啲、嘅、嘢
  • URL/email mode for Chinese layouts
  • Characters ž (U+017E) and Ž (U+017D) added in the pop-up of character "z" in the Finnish keyboard layout
  • With pinyin input, spacebar now accepts the first candidate only if the user has started writing a new word
    • Previously, spacebar always accepted the first candidate

Media player

Store client

  • Shows busy indicator while loading screenshots
  • Improves startup performance
  • Allows opening just installed Android app from app details view (via pulley menu option "Open")
  • In app details page, "Also from: developer x" section at the bottom now indicates if the apps have been installed
  • It is now possible to check for OS updates again after the system update installation fails on an earlier attempt
  • If the OS update status is unknown, no text is displayed (previously, there was a quick switch from "Checking for update" to "Up to date")
  • If the OS update fails for some reason, the user is now notified promptly
  • If the device is not connected to internet, opening Store client or attaching a TOH pops up the connection dialog to request connectivity


  • Event reminders for recurring events now displays the recurring information in the UI
  • Displays attendee information in event details view
  • Fixes the issue of a calendar event going to the next day when creating it after 23:00


  • Usage of Maps is now governed by the common Sailfish EULA http:/jolla.com/sailfish-eula, application specific EULA has been removed
  • Improved address search from People app using geocoder

First time user experience

  • Additional hints added to accounts settings
  • Simplified startup wizard flow

Silica components

  • Improvements to silica webview component: now allows peek previous and next page when content pinched in
  • Email addresses (in format email@address.com) in plain text are now recognized and displayed as link (textlinking)
  • People picker now has search field always visible
  • Updates signal strength status icons
  • Updates duration label to m:ss for <10 min and mm:ss for >10 min
  • New detail item component available for detail and value label pair
  • Allows re-opening keyboard when tapping already focused text field
  • Allow count-specific localization of component picker multi-selection title
  • Fixes issue where slider component handle disappears and cannot get activated again
  • Unifies button and list item press effects across SailfishOS apps

Android runtime

  • Android runtime now follows the vibra settings set on the native OS
  • Fixes Android fake id vulnerability
  • Fixes CVE-2013-6272 and CVE-2014-3100 vulnerabilities
  • Updates notification update mechanism which fixes the display issues in events view when there are notifications from multiple apps in succession
  • Adds network provider support for GPS service
  • Sending a mail from android apps now passes email parameters such as subject, body etc to the native mail application
  • Improves handling out of memory conditions
  • Timezone in Android apps now follows the native settings
  • openssl upgraded to version 1.0.1h

Known issues

OS update process

  • Currently, checks on available disk space happens very late during the OS upgrade process and will fail in the installation phase if the disk space is low. Normally there should be an error note asking you to free some disk space and try again, but in some marginal cases it might not be shown. Should this happen, free some disk space and try to install the OS update again.
  • OS update may fail due to some other reasons too, for example it may have installed some packages from the new release and still have something left from the old. If the device can boot up, you can try to recover by doing the following. If not, you can attempt to recover the device using the recovery mode.
    • Delete the file /home/nemo/.cache/store-client/os-info
    • Stop the store-client process (for e.g. pkill store-client)
    • Reopen Settings app, check for updates again and attempt to install the OS update again
  • We have also noted that if the OS update is attempted while there is long queue of installation of apps from the Store, the system may end up in mixed state (for e.g. select all the apps from startup wizard, and start the system update already while the apps are being installed).
    • In such cases, the OS update appears to be stalled, however it is just waiting for the installations to complete before attempting to upgrade the OS. Just wait patiently, the worst thing to do here is to reboot the device!

Other issues

  • Audio stuttering has been observed in Android applications. We are aware of this issue and are still working on it. We will push out an update as soon as a fix is available.
  • Sometimes Messages and Phone app show black active covers.
  • calDAV and cardDAV services are in experimental stage. We have made some improvements with this update, however you may still face issues with certain service providers. Do report it in t.j.c. We'll take a look and try to sort it out.
  • At times, the presence status is as displayed offline even though the accounts are online. In such situations, the UI does not allow the status to be changed to online again.
  • Occasionally, certain hidden WiFi networks may not be displayed in scanned results.
  • Photos and videos deleted from Gallery may still remain visible in the Camera roll.
  • Deleting photo from Camera roll may also delete the previous photo. If camera reel's pulley menu has "Show details" greyed out - means the photo hasn't been indexed yet. Deleting photo in such state will result in previous photo deleted too. If you wait long enough (~10-15seconds) for 'Show details' to become active, only that photo will get deleted when you choose to.

Highlights of bugfixes

  • [BUG] Ending call from cover should not bring call window on foreground
  • [BUG] When call is answered the audio routing changes to bt headset if it is turned off when ringing
  • [BUG] Phone settings don't follow current empty state design
  • [BUG] pin query settings page doesn't follow current empty state design
  • [BUG] TOH eeprom is read too soon after toh switch is pushed in
  • [BUG]/home is mounted with relatime, not noatime as it's supposed to
  • [BUG] screen is dimmed upon startup
  • [BUG] Kernel low battery charge warning floods journal logs
  • [BUG] Mer-kernel-check warns on many missing options
  • [BUG] devel-su has wrong XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
  • [BUG] Incorrect statistics of CPU usage, possibly due to a bug in /proc/stat
  • [BUG] Kernel NULL pointer at btrfs_block_rsv_release
  • [BUG] MCE display plugin initialization does things out of order
  • [BUG] MCE evaluates logging format parameters even if the message is not emitted
  • [BUG] Battery state:full is visible when battery is not full
  • [BUG] BUG at fs/notify/inode_mark.c
  • [BUG] Calling stop() for a nemo-keepalive BackgroundActivity does not stop the timer
  • [BUG] KeepAlive from org.nemomobile.keepalive is an singleton object
  • [BUG] Device constantly tries to turn on hdmi output that is not there
  • [BUG] Lots of messageserver restarts on boot if no email account
  • [BUG] lock-ls-mem can fail when lipstick crashes on bootup
  • [BUG] MCE does not skip zero length linger after exceptional display on state has ended
  • [BUG] MCE is using 4% CPU when screen is off causing a load of 3+
  • [BUG] MCE is using blocking dbus calls
  • [BUG] mce-plugin-libhybris build fails with gcc 4.8
  • [BUG] Recovery mode reports: "Flashed recovery image is too old and does not support phone clearing."
  • [BUG] Recovery mode reports: Segmentation fault
  • [BUG] USB dialog does not pop up/selected usb mode not set after unlocking device lock
  • [BUG] wlan-module-load.service should wait for persist.mount
  • [BUG] "Unnamed application is not responding" is shown at times on homescreen
  • [BUG] lipstick leaks sqlite handlers while changing ambiance
  • [BUG] Compositor loses track of windows when opening apps quickly
  • [BUG] Display sometimes flickers to black when opening applications
  • [BUG] Ghost app cover appears in homescreen after opening a web page bookmark from Launcher
  • [BUG] Hidden back button on lockscreen vibrates on press
  • [BUG] In some cases screen blanks and locks again after unlocking device
  • [BUG] it is almost impossible to grab the icon in app grid to move it around since
  • [BUG] Lipstick restart turns on display and enables touch input even if proximity sensor is covered
  • [BUG] Switcher allows creating multiple loading covers for the same application
  • [BUG] AccountCreationManager does not emit finished() signal after account creation
  • [BUG] After re-login to Jolla account, it remains in disabled state until store is accessed again
  • [BUG] Store app does not load successfully if you correct your wrong info while creating a new account
  • [BUG] Store pages stays in split view after opening installed application
  • [BUG] If credentials expire while account settings is open the account remains in logged-in state
  • [BUG] Android application cover is striped from upper right corner to bottom left corner
  • [BUG] Android window is sometimes momentarily black when switching between the apps
  • [BUG] The application "Private SMS & call" has stopped after tapping "Feedback".
  • [BUG] Openrice: Can't find nearby restaurants with GPS
  • [BUG] Opera for Android crashes after 1st exit
  • [BUG] QQ Browser (Android app) crashes on Sailfish
  • [BUG] App switcher gets confused with many Android apps
  • [BUG] UC Browser Android becomes unresponsive during startup
  • [BUG] Opened Android app fails to come to foreground
  • [BUG] alien_bridge_server does not check bounds accessing QList (maybe in the Ril code)
  • [BUG] Android applications do not obey locked orientation
  • [BUG] Changing colour in calendars does not work at times and has a bit different look compared to notes
  • [BUG] Call audio problems with Samsung HM3300 headset
  • [BUG] Display is not blanked when incoming call ends
  • [BUG] Reconsider the icon/symbol of emergency call in PIN and lock code dialogs
  • [BUG] Voice call functionality can momentarily block homescreen operation
  • [BUG] Draft message not created if you add only recipient (but recipient is magically remembered)
  • [BUG] Sending a new message to a contact fails to open respective conversation
  • [BUG] Opening same HTML email twice results in blank page
  • [BUG] Inline images in email are not shown
  • [BUG] Loading of really long text email (+10000 chars) freezes MessageItem
  • [BUG] Not able to go back when viewing mail that is zoomed
  • [BUG] Opening same HTML email twice results in blank page
  • [BUG] Connection error banner shown after trying to manually select operator in roaming
  • [BUG] It takes too long to popup the connection dialog after "user input request" from connman for invalid-key error or wispr-authentication request
  • [BUG] Oops no networks found -message is shown after scanning WLAN networks even when networks are found
  • [BUG] scanResultsReady is false when invalid-key-error happens and it will make connections.busy true infinitely
  • [BUG] When user cancels connecting to network "Connecting.." busy indicator starts running
  • [BUG] User can enable the internet connection after changing the "Data roaming" to "Do not allow"
  • [BUG] Connman crashes on after wlan module unload/load cycle
  • [BUG] Tapping bluetooth toggle multiple times in a row on favorite settings gets the toggle in bad state
  • [BUG] Date picker: months disappear when month grid flicked
  • [BUG] People picker cannot be opened on landscape new message page
  • [BUG] Pulley menu flickers on app startup
  • [BUG] Wrong alignment in DatePickerDialog
  • [BUG] Weekdays incorrect near DST changes
  • [BUG] Facebook notification view is empty when opening first time
  • [BUG] Tapping on Facebook notification opens up a new page which is unusable
  • [BUG] Facebook Terms of Service is unreadable
  • [BUG] First posted comment from Facebook album in Gallery is posted twice and not displayed until view is reopened
  • [BUG] Gallery shows incorrect number for Facebook photos
  • [BUG] Active cover doesn't show cover background and when maximized to foreground it shows cover instead of the application window
  • [BUG] Active covers behave weird when there are 7 or 8 apps open on Homescreen
  • [BUG] App switch transition loading order is incorrect
  • [BUG] Gallery creates two instances of TransferMethodModel
  • [BUG] Media Player: Playlists is the only option on a newly flashed device without SD card
  • [BUG] Modified playlist is not reset to the previous state when restored from backup
  • [BUG] Ambienced crashes when a stack size is set to 2Mb
  • [BUG] Hard to see which apps are selected to install during Startup Wizard in certain ambiences
  • [BUG] Startup Wizard: The application background disappears while the application list page is shown
  • [BUG] Maps startup doesn't scale to many favorites, recent and saved places
  • [BUG] Removing saved and recent places does not work
  • [BUG] Maps should prevent dimming when directions are displayed (or I am moving)
  • [BUG] Settings|Utilities page doesn't always scroll
  • [BUG] timezones with parenthesis don't have their own section
  • [BUG] Account settings show incorrect weekdays near DST changes
  • [BUG] exchange settings show incorrect weekdays near DST changes
  • [BUG] roamingallowed is not stored due index is wrong
  • [BUG] settings / datacounters warning on not available counters doesn't look good
  • [BUG] Newly created accounts with disabled services remain in "defining account" state forever
  • [BUG] MMS settings cannot be modified when phone tries to receive MMS
  • [BUG] sailfish-accounts-tool: currently used way of restoring information is error-prone
  • [BUG] Store: Clicking on already installed android store should open the app after a "no results found" search
  • [BUG] 'Received' counter is stuck at 2 GB and does not exceed when you download something
  • [BUG] Notifications takes enormous amount of RAM, lipstick is not starting if there are a lot of notifications
  • View more bug fixes
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2k+ images used in a game and stored within /data/data/ will still be shown in gallery T_T

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