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Aurajoki update: NoRingtone & Music [not relevant]

asked 2016-09-08 08:46:05 +0300

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updated 2016-09-08 13:58:32 +0300

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Hi, after update to Aurajoki, ringtones are missing and no mp3s are played by the media player and other applications. That's critical and must be fixed asap. btw, ogg works - codec problem? T.i.a., Oliver

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Cannot reproduce. Typically there used to be issues with 'missing' multimedia content right after an update when the tracker was still busy re-indexing the media files. But that was always just a matter of time, depending on how many files there were on the users' devices. Sometimes re-building the tracker database manually helped, too. If I were you, I'd just wait a little longer. You might also want to check if there are other files missing from the gallery, like videos or pictures.

ossi1967 ( 2016-09-08 12:13:12 +0300 )edit

everything fine in my Jolla as well, no need for asap fixing :)

till ( 2016-09-08 13:13:53 +0300 )edit

I cannot confirm this

AkiBerlin ( 2016-09-08 13:28:19 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-09-08 13:33:13 +0300

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Media files were in place, ogg files could be played, but mp3s not. Funny enough, another reboot after update fixed the problem (ringtone & omp3s) Thanks, Oliver

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