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[release notes] 3.0.3 Hossa [released]

asked 2019-04-12 10:39:18 +0200

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updated 2019-06-14 10:10:59 +0200

In Hossa there have been many upgrades under the hood, fixing security vulnerabilities and improving stability and compatibility in several fundamental components such as Gecko, GCC, and the GNU C Library. This technology update mostly paves the way for new features in the next update (3.1.0) though it does also finally fix the long-standing IMAP idle problem. For XA2 devices we have solved the high WLAN-related power drain and the issue of the display turning off during phone calls, plus in Alien Dalvik there's improved file access and notification behavior, and mobile data now works with both SIM cards.

Technical blog about Hossa.

Many thanks to you our active contributors for your feedback and proposals.

Table of content

Update version history

  • 2019-04-24: was released to Early Access subscribers (Jolla devices and Xperia X/XA2).
  • 2019-05-07: as an OTA update was released to all subscribers (Jolla devices, Xperia X/XA2, Gemini PDA).
  • 2019-05-29: as an OTA update was released to all subscribers. XA2: issue with showing the calling line number fixed (all devices); improvements to Android Support of XA2. Flashing scripts of XA2 allow both vendor binaries (v16 and v17) now. Installable images for Xperia XA2 devices will become available at https://shop.jolla.com/downloads/ .

Size of update

The download size of the update depends on the device type and on the OS version currently in the device. Some typical values below:
- Jolla 1 from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3: about 360 MB
- Jolla C from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3: about 400 MB
- Xperia X from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3: about 360 MB

Release Highlights

This list contains examples of new features (and some bug fixes) added to Sailfish OS, compared to the previous public release 3.0.2. The release notes of 3.0.2 can be found here.

The instructions for installing Sailfish OS to Sony Xperia X and XA2 devices are here - covering Windows, Linux, and macOS.

IMPORTANT: do not update your XA2 device to Android 9, or else installing Sailfish OS would brick your device.
UPDATE: The flashing scripts for XA2 devices included in update now prevent installing Sailfish OS on Android 9.

The supported Sony Xperia XA2 models are (they are the same as in update 3.0.2 - no change here):

  • XA2 single SIM H3113 (also H3123, H3133)
  • XA2 dual SIM H4113 (also H4133)
  • XA2 Ultra single SIM H3213 (also H3223)
  • XA2 Ultra dual SIM H4213 (also H4233)
  • XA2 Plus single SIM H3413
  • XA2 Plus dual SIM H4413 (also H4493)

The supported Sony Xperia X models are (no change here, either):

  • X single SIM F5121
  • X dual SIM F5122

Sailfish OS 3.0.3 is compatible with Gemini PDA variants x25 and x27.

Xperia XA2

  • High power drain while using WLAN fixed
  • The issue with proximity sensor is fixed - now the display does not go blank during phone calls
  • Preliminary support for NFC added
  • Preventing the calling line number from being shown fixed (CLIR), hence prefix #31# works again.


  • Network connection checked before proceeding to account creation.

Android™ App Support

  • Android 8.1 App Support Beta for Xperia XA2 devices improved:
    • Mobile data works with both SIM cards for Android apps on XA2 devices now
    • Files recently added to Sailfish side appear now on Android side immediately
    • System UI notifications from Android side are hidden now (Sailfish OS to handle)
    • Notification handling improved, not to repeat grouped notifications on new notifications
    • SSH file transfer no longer crashes alien
  • Improvements in
    • Tapping an Android notification opens the corresponding app now
    • Copy/paste from Android app to Sailfish apps fixed
    • Tapping Stop Android Support button does not blank the display any more
    • Android apps get proper covers now when an app is minimized
    • Watching Youtube videos with Firefox browser works now
    • Unnecessary battery-low notifications from Android apps blocked
    • Some crashes and deadlocks prevented from happening
    • Other small fixes
  • No changes for other products


  • PulseAudio upgraded to v12. This version of the fundamental audio component brings an improved A2DP latency handling, among other things


  • SD card is now shown as a storage option reliably


  • Gecko engine upgraded to esr45 version
  • User agent string updated to reflect engine version
  • User-agent override data created and updated for the new engine


  • XA2: the issue with proximity sensor is fixed - now the display does not go blank during phone calls


  • Status of connections over mobile data now shown correctly on dual-SIM devices

Device Management (MDM) [Corporate API]

  • Cellular policy API introduced
  • Data counters policy API introduced


  • IMAP push in idle fixed. Email synchronization works now even if the internet connection should change


  • Flashing script of XA2 devices for Windows PC fixed


  • Busy indication added to USB mode selection; this helps in setting up the MTP connection with devices acting slowly
  • PIN input view backspace visibility improved for Light Ambiences
  • Two-column layout created for PIN query and Device Lock views in Lock Screen for narrow landscape devices


  • Support for hardware keyboard layout variants of Gemini PDA added
  • Heuristics for using Escape key as Power key (e.g. Gemini PDA) without requiring also Fn key press adjusted to reduce chances of interfering with system dialogs


  • Show full-width remorse item when deleting playlists


  • An issue in sending SMS to multiple recipients fixed
  • SMS delivery reports fixed


  • Call UI recovers better from subsystem crashes

Power management

  • Don't set battery warning notifications twice when passing low battery level
  • XA2: High power drain while using WLAN fixed

Security - vulnerabilities fixed:

  • glibc-2.24: CVE-2016-3075, CVE-2016-1234, CVE-2015-8779, CVE-2015-8778, CVE-2015-8777, CVE-2015-8776, CVE-2015-7547, CVE-2015-5277, CVE-2015-1781, CVE-2015-1473, CVE-2015-1472, CVE-2014-9761, CVE-2014-9402, CVE-2014-8121, CVE-2013-7423, CVE-2014-6040, CVE-2014-4043
  • glibc-2.25: CVE-2017-15670, CVE-2017-15671, CVE-2017-15804, CVE-2017-1000408, CVE-2017-1000409, CVE-2017-16997
  • gcc-4.9.4: CVE-2015-5276
  • openssh-7.9p1+git2: CVE-2019-6111, CVE-2019-6109, CVE-2018-20685
  • zlib-1.2.11: CVE-2016-9843, CVE-2016-9842, CVE-2016-9841, CVE-2016-9840
  • ncurses-6.1: CVE-2017-13734, CVE-2017-13733, CVE-2017-13732, CVE-2017-13731, CVE-2017-13730, CVE-2017-13729, CVE-2017-13728, CVE-2017-11113, CVE-2017-11112, CVE-2017-10685, CVE-2017-10684
  • pcre-8.42: CVE-2016-3191
  • cpio-2.12: CVE-2016-2037
  • util-linux-2.33: CVE-2017-2616
  • icu-63.1: CVE-2013-1569, CVE-2013-2383, CVE-2013-2384, CVE-2013-2419, CVE-2014-6585, CVE-2014-6591, CVE-2014-7923, CVE-2014-7926, CVE-2014-7940, CVE-2014-9654


  • XA2: the issue with proximity sensor is fixed - now the display does not go blank during phone calls


  • Ensured that a notification to change the WLAN password is shown always after an incorrect one was typed - also when the password had been changed on the WLAN base station
  • Backup settings failing to offer memory card option fixed

UI components

  • Many text editor and menu view autoscrolling regressions fixed
  • Disabled text fields now look disabled

T.J.C: Issues reported by the community and fixed in this update

All of the links below may not open up for everyone, sorry.

Technical changes


Detailed changelog is available here. - Several fundamental components upgraded such as the browser engine Gecko (esr45), toolchain GCC (4.9.4) and the GNU C Library (2.25) - Gemini PDA: a memory fix to allow booting from Android 8 bootloader.

Behavioural changes in Sailfish OS

  • /home is no more mounted at init - it is handled later by systemd; this is to avoid problems when the /home directory is encrypted

For those porting Sailfish to other devices

  • (no particular news this time)

Updating your device

Your device must be connected to the Internet and signed into your Jolla account. If your Jolla account is registered for Early Access releases you should receive an OS update notification when an update is available. If you have decided not to take the Early Access registration then you will get the OS update typically one week later.

We warmly recommend making some 3-4 GB of free space to the internal storage of your device before starting the update. Move your pictures and videos to the SD card (or to your PC or cloud service). After the upgrade turn on the option to save pictures and videos directly from the camera to the memory card (Settings > Apps > Camera). This is important particularly in the case of "Jolla Phone" devices (product name "Jolla" in Settings > About product).

This is the usual drill before attempting to update your devices:

Take a backup of your data before attempting to update your device and save the backup to an SD card or to some other off-device location (PC, your cloud service). Note that videos and images are not included in cloud-based backups. Do not reboot the device while the update is in progress. Do keep the phone connected to a battery charger during the whole process. Device screen may blank out during the update process; you may waken the display by a short press on the power key to monitor the progress.

For detailed instructions on updating software, read our help article in Zendesk.

NOTE: Sailfish OS does not support downgrading. Never try to downgrade the OS as this would brick your device.

Notification concerning apps from Open Repos

  • If you use Phonehook or Callrecorder from OpenRepos, uninstall it before upgrading
  • If you use oFono from OpenRepos, revert to the official oFono before upgrading
  • If you use Patchmanager, revert all applied patches before upgrading.

About SD cards

  • Encrypted cards must be unlocked by the user to make them available for Sailfish applications.
  • Non-encrypted cards are mounted automatically when the device is turned on.
  • Encrypted cards can be formatted only when they are locked. Formatting removes the encryption in this case (the card becomes unencrypted and unmounted). You can then format it again with the option to encrypt, if needed.

Known issues

  • Bluetooth pairing and audio connections may still fail in some circumstances
  • Some Facebook services (syncing FB events to Calendar; uploading pictures to FB from Gallery) do not work (independent of your OS release) due to some changes at the FB end.
  • Light ambience concept of Sailfish 3 needs polishing and tuning up. There are still issues with the colors of different objects when using the ambiences that have light background colors.
  • Disabling a calendar account does not necessarily prevent the appointments from alerting.
  • The chacha20-poly1305 cipher is not currently working, which is often chosen for SSH. It has been disabled in the sshd configuration file, but if you have manually modified it then it will not automatically update. You can ssh into your device using 'ssh -c aes128-ctr' and check the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file against its 'rpmnew' version if present.

Known issues specific to Xperia X

  • Not implemented features: NFC, FM radio, double-tap, step counter
  • Issues with mobile data persist on some SIM cards. Turn the Flight mode on and off to reset the network setup. Reverting the device to Android and re-installing Sailfish X has often helped. See our support article.
  • Manual network/carrier search lists all networks by the same name (the name of the SIM provider). Use an automatic search. If not possible, you need to try several items in the manual search results, unfortunately. The topmost item is not necessarily the one that can serve you (still valid with most SIM cards)
  • [camera] Force autofocus mode for photos, and continuous for video. After this, camera focus is still not ideal - as the camera stays out of focus when it starts until you either tap or try to take a shot - but the pictures seem to be better focused now
  • If a device is powered off alarms are not functional
  • Bluetooth: problems with some car equipment, some audio devices and computers may appear
  • Loudspeaker volume level cannot be adjusted very high
  • Not all SD cards are recognized and mounted.

Known issues specific to Xperia XA2

IMPORTANT: do not update your XA2 device to Android 9, or else installing Sailfish OS will brick your device. Currently, Sailfish OS requires Android 8.1. UPDATE: The flashing scripts for XA2 devices included in update (and now prevent installing Sailfish OS on Android 9.

The renewed flashing scripts of update and prevent installing Sailfish OS on top of Android 9 (which has baseband version 50.2.A.xx.yyy).

  • Not implemented features: fingerprint detection, FM radio, double-tap
  • Bluetooth: there are problems in connecting to some peripheral devices
  • XA2 does not power up when alarm time has elapsed
  • Flashing Sailfish X to XA2 might still fail (so far seen to happen on Ubuntu 18.04 when using USB3 port). Please read this article.
  • With v17B Sony vendor image we have observed a decrease in the perceived signal strength of the 5GHz WLAN access points (investigations ongoing). Version v16 may work better in this respect. Therefore we would not recommend flashing v17B for the time being if you use WLAN networks in the 5GHz band. The renewed flashing scripts of update allow you to use either of the two versions. You can also reflash just the vendor image of your choice (and not Sailfish OS) by following the instructions in here.
  • Voice calls with Whatsapp are not usable as the voice volume level is minimal (if can be heard at all).
  • Video playback in Whatsapp requires special actions: 1) Tap on video 2) Tap the share button (top right) 3) Tap back arrow 4) Tap Play on the video. Now it starts playing...

Known issues specific to Gemini PDA

  • Gemini Screenshot Button Fn + X does not work
  • Not possible to answer calls when Gemini is closed with side button
  • Some 3rd party apps have issues in Landscape mode.
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Excellent, this update came earlier than expected. I can confirm that I can use mobile data <edit>on XA2</edit> now with Android app "DB Navigator" (Ticket app of Deutsche Bahn) with SIM1, SIM2 and on Wifi. Its network access has been very sensitive so far. Hope it will stay like this in every days use.

Cheers mates!

jollajo ( 2019-04-24 15:59:28 +0200 )edit

Interesting in my case it doesn't even work on Wifi. Also the other Android apps that had no mobile connection before are unable to connect.

scharelc ( 2019-04-24 17:28:20 +0200 )edit

@scharelc it didn't work instantly. First I updated my tickets and then checked for connections. Loading tickets has been more robust on XA2 than searching for connections. Just tried my banking app by Sparda-Bank, which used to be also rather picky and it also works. However switching from SIM2 to SIM1 didn't work without restart of the app.

jollajo ( 2019-04-24 18:52:24 +0200 )edit

Gecko engine upgraded to esr45 version

This is the single most important thing in this update. 45 is a lot better than what we have, but it's not enough. Is there a plan for when Gecko will be updated the next time, and to what version?

bocephus ( 2019-04-24 19:37:49 +0200 )edit

"Issue with proximity sensor is fixed - now the display does not go blank during phone calls" sounds good.

But my problem was not only that the display went blank, it was that the touch display was not disabled and I've inititated unwant actions with my ear, such as turning microphone off.

Is this also fixed?

SagaciousT ( 2019-04-24 20:55:00 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-04-24 14:48:49 +0200

Nekron gravatar image

Thanks for your hard work that went into this release fixing major and hard to find bugs. The upgrade of Gecko engine is very welcome.

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Thanks as well ! That's two updates in two months, very nice :)

tourdetour ( 2019-04-24 14:52:36 +0200 )edit

I'd like to add my thanks also! Great work!

durneyj ( 2019-04-25 13:28:17 +0200 )edit

Awesome work! Thanks for fixing the bugs. Cincinnati SEO Company

Troyg1991 ( 2019-06-03 13:49:15 +0200 )edit

It's a pity you can't flag comments as spam! Please remove the previous comment and then mine, too.

Pohli ( 2019-06-03 17:52:48 +0200 )edit

This is one of the best release so far. It looks more stable, Android works almost as it is supposed to, and even the whole system looks more refined. Keep up working like this, thank you.

magullo ( 2019-06-05 22:12:57 +0200 )edit

answered 2019-04-26 09:24:57 +0200

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This post is a wiki. Anyone with karma >75 is welcome to improve it.

updated 2019-04-26 09:25:49 +0200

Maus gravatar image

Browser regression: editing browser bookmarks impossible

On J1, if you have a lot of bookmarks (like two pages), you can't edit the bookmarks in the last line(s) of bookmark icons. The menu can't extend below the area of the bookmark grid and thus is only partially visible (in line n-1) or not visible at all (in line n). As bookmark reordering is not possible, all entries in lines n-1 and n are not editable.

I haven't checked whether this is a regression or also a bug in earlier versions.

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Same behaviour on the GeminiPDA. Because of the landscape screen the last Line in the item menu is missing, and therefore deleting bookmarks is not possible.

seiichiro0185 ( 2019-04-26 12:07:30 +0200 )edit

This is now also being tracked here. Please follow up there.

Maus ( 2019-04-29 00:53:05 +0200 )edit

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brielleluna ( 2019-08-09 19:37:54 +0200 )edit

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TammyW ( 2019-08-15 18:21:36 +0200 )edit

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jack102 ( 2019-08-19 11:41:30 +0200 )edit

answered 2019-04-24 15:54:21 +0200

tourdetour gravatar image

The updated installed flawlessly on XA2 Plus.

The browser seems to have benefited from the update of Gecko engine. It runs much smoother now.

However the bug where the XA2 is loosing 4G signal and switching to 2G until mobile network is turned off/on again is still happening a lot.

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answered 2019-04-24 19:36:48 +0200

balta gravatar image

You should add to your update description that the update will silently abort without notification if there is too less space on the /opt partition, for example because of an backup of the system.img after modifications. This was already the case for 3.0.2. After this the user could believe the update is installed fine but later discover wrong behaviour of alien dalvik

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Hello, thank you for posting this here. It really helped a lot. Please keep us posting. Very impressive. Looking for junk removal

Ceejay ( 2020-03-06 07:47:05 +0200 )edit

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BarryEZE ( 2020-03-18 10:53:48 +0200 )edit

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PenroseSingapore ( 2020-09-16 06:12:48 +0200 )edit

answered 2019-04-24 14:01:21 +0200

bomo gravatar image

Amazing release, thanks so much!

Regarding the /home mounting changes, will we see home dir. encryption soon?

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Great news !!

manu007 ( 2019-04-24 14:17:54 +0200 )edit

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joshuaprice153 ( 2019-09-05 10:43:16 +0200 )edit

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paintbros ( 2020-02-22 02:44:53 +0200 )edit

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BarryEZE ( 2020-05-05 02:28:12 +0200 )edit

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grandforkstowing ( 2020-05-14 04:35:27 +0200 )edit

answered 2019-04-24 15:29:53 +0200

babo gravatar image

updated 2019-04-24 15:49:41 +0200

Can anyone please confirm if the issue of sounds not being heard or too low using android apps(WhatsApp for example) is fixed? The sound used to only come out from loud speaker(whatever u chose) and very low that u can't hear the other end. (XA2) Thank you

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You mean e.g. the sound played through firefox while watching youtube videos? Or notification sounds issued by android apps?

bomo ( 2019-04-24 15:35:56 +0200 )edit

Neither, both used to work fine. I meant the sound of calls using WhatsApp. Sorry 4got to mention the device. Edited.

babo ( 2019-04-24 15:46:38 +0200 )edit

@babo: Unfortunately the audio routing problem in case of Whatsapp calls has not been fixed. This makes it almost impossible to hear the voice of the remote party.

jovirkku ( 2019-04-24 15:53:41 +0200 )edit

That's just sad. Thank you

babo ( 2019-04-24 17:17:21 +0200 )edit

answered 2019-04-25 13:49:49 +0200

DrYak gravatar image

/home is no more mounted at init - it is handled later by systemd; this is to avoid problems when the /home directory is encrypted

Oh, that's cool.

It means that more adventurous community members could even try experimenting with different filesystems for /home

(I'm personally thinking about BTRFS for the checksums and snapshotting, but other might be interested in filesystems that include encryption on the flight)

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Are you among those men and women who believe investments are just for wealthy men and women? Read the Penrose Price List and be surprised by its results.

PenroseSingapore ( 2020-09-10 04:19:20 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-04-25 17:26:30 +0200

paolomi gravatar image

updated 2019-04-25 19:58:02 +0200

If you delete the folder "/home/nemo/.mozilla" then sailfish-browser crashes when you try to open any webpage.

But if you restore "/home/nemo/.mozilla" from a previous backup, then sailfish-browser works fine.

Why is this bug important? Because now you can't run sailfish-browser in firejail anymore, I mean now "/usr/bin/firejail --private /usr/bin/sailfish-browser" crashes when you try to open any webpage, while it works fine until version

EDIT: Thanks a lot to Eugenio who found a solution! The bug is that it creates an empty "prefs.js", so in order to run the sailfish-browser in firejail, now you must run this script in the jail just before running sailfish-browser

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answered 2019-04-24 20:13:08 +0200

samule gravatar image

updated 2019-04-26 09:58:39 +0200

Never managed to upgrade OS without using CLI.. This time, though, I got the following error:

[root@Sailfish nemo]# version --dup
Finished transaction (status=1, runtime=71360ms)
[0 %] [Install] all-translations-pack 0.6.1-1.6.4.jolla:
[50 %]
Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed:    installing package all-translations-pack-0.6.1-1.6.4.jolla.noarch needs 612 inodes on the / filesystem
Finished transaction (status=2, runtime=10531ms)
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you're out of space on your root partition

rozgwi ( 2019-04-24 21:16:23 +0200 )edit

So I ran into the same issue. Doing stat -f / and df -i / showed I had very little inodes remaining on /. I installed ncdu(I got a static binary from https://dev.yorhel.nl/ncdu) and did ncdu / and then pressed the C to sort by number of items. This show A LOT of files in /var/lib/connman. I saved all the wifi directories which had a settings file in them (ls -l wifi_*/settings) and deleted all other ethernet_* and wifi_* directories. This dropped the number of files in that directory from 250k to 75, dropping my inode usage from 99% to 21%. Then I could install the update.

Looks like this issue is fixed this release by "[connman] Don't create directory for counters/history. ".

aerique ( 2019-04-25 12:17:30 +0200 )edit

I don't think that's the problem, since I have 500Mb+

samule ( 2019-04-25 20:05:58 +0200 )edit

Thank you @aerique: it worked! I just deleted /var/lib/connman/ directory..

samule ( 2019-04-26 09:59:48 +0200 )edit

Then I suspect you had the same problem as I had, although I would not have dared deleting the whole /var/lib/connman/ directory :-)

You might have had enough space, but you (like I) did not have enough inodes left. To put it bluntly: inodes determine how many files you can have, indepedent of the size they take up.

aerique ( 2019-04-26 17:19:27 +0200 )edit

answered 2019-04-25 11:09:09 +0200

jollacen gravatar image

XA2 Ultra Dual Sim updating from hang after downloading the update via the smartphone gui. After choosing "install" it warned me that it could take long for the update but after that it would only show me the black screen with the words "Einen Moment..." (something like: please wait...) about 2 hours long. I then became unpatient...

Reading about other previous Sailfish updates also hanging in the forum I then followed the solutions in these threads saying to update via command line. Connected via USB, ssh'd into Sailfish OS (Oulanka), changed to devel-su and using ssu release which stated Device release is currently: updated with version --dup which worked flawlessly (1 package removed and 802 packages installed).

Very nice.

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This update really made me happy especially after reading the release highlights! Proenhance Review

Chris889 ( 2019-07-23 15:24:42 +0200 )edit

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