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Bluetooth problems w/ standard Renault carkit + workaround []

asked 2014-06-13 23:32:53 +0300

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updated 2014-06-16 04:58:55 +0300

Hello there,

As I've mentioned in a comment to a similar issue (after update: carkit (bluetooth) not working) the last update completely broke the Bluetooth connection between my carkit and my Jolla.

The issue is mainly reflected in inability to pair after the update and it is a regression as it worked perfectly before. When you go on your carkit to 'Settings / Bluetooth connection' and select a slot you want to use with your Jolla, you are given two options for pairing: 'Pair phone' and 'Pair audio device' (or something along those lines, didn't write down the exact wording).

If you go for 'Pair phone', the carkit generates a new temporary PIN and asks you to start the pairing process from your Jolla, and to enter the displayed PIN there. As soon as you initiate pairing on Jolla, before you even get the chance to enter the PIN, the carkit breaks the connection with 'Connection has failed...' message. You may continue the pairing process on your Jolla but your device won't be listed on the carkit and if you attempt to do another pairing you'll get a different PIN making the pairing impossible to establish.

If you go for 'Pair audio device' the carkit will ask you to start the pairing process from Jolla and as soon as you do that it will switch to a PIN entry screen where you are supposed to enter the PIN you've set on your Jolla, but in the mean time your Jolla will be displaying 'Connecting...' circle without giving you the chance to enter the PIN. If you cancel the process on your carkit (or enter any bogus PIN), the carkit will again display 'Connection has failed...' but your Jolla will switch to PIN entry just as in the above case, making it again impossible to pair.

The carkit in question is the standard Bluetooth Radiosat kit (Radiosat Classic Bluetooth, Radiosat 3D Sound by Arkamys® Bluetooth or Bose® Sound System) that comes with Renault Scenic/Megane/Laguna (and possibly newer Clios as well) since 2009 - and mine has a software version: 91.14, if that's of any help to somebody trying to figure out what the issue exactly is. The same issue probably affects other Renault carkits (R-Link, R-Plug & Radio+, MediaNAV and Carminat TomTom) as they all use the same Bluetooth module. If the dev team is willing to look into this issue I can provide any logs needed.

In addition (perhaps an unrelated issue but it only happened while I was trying the above scenarios), during this process, the Jolla will arbitrary decide to shut down itself in a particularly curious manner - it will shut down, then run in the charging mode (displays the USB cable on the screen) as if it was turned off and then plugged into a charger - but it wasn't. It wasn't connected to anything. Holding the power key will turn it on again as if nothing has happened (except all the previously open apps will, obviously, be closed). This happened to me several times on my previous attempts at pairing - today it didn't occur, perhaps it has to do something with connman as I'm now running the connman 1.23 hotfix?


This weird shutdown issue happened just a few minutes ago but this time it didn't have to do anything with Bluetooth - I was happily surfing using Android's flavor of Firefox and it suddenly turned into 'charging while off' screen, again not connected to USB at that point. This time it was harder to get it out of that state as the power button wasn't responding initially, then a long press the screen turned off and the LED turned red, and again the power button wasn't responding for more than a minute. Eventually, after quite a few long press cycles on the power button, it turned on and everything went back to normal.

Perhaps I should report this as a separate issue...

end of update

Any help or guides with the issue is appreciated as, from what I've gathered, it's not only the standard Renault carkit that is experiencing Bluetooth (pairing) issues after the last update?

I'll leave this as an issue/question in hope we'll get an official solution to the described problem, and I'll post what you can try as a workaround given that I somehow managed to get them to pair today.

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answered 2014-06-14 00:20:24 +0300

incognito gravatar image

updated 2014-06-14 00:31:46 +0300

Now for the workaround - it might take you a several tries, but it worked for me and since then the connection was stable and there were no issues. You'll need to do this even if you have a stable connection already if you want to use the newly added PBAP profile, but beware - you might not be able to pair afterwards if this workaround doesn't work for you.

  1. Remove 'My_Radiosat'* pairing from your Jolla, if you've already paired before (Settings / System / Bluetooth -> Long press on 'My_Radiosat', select 'Remove pairing')
  2. Remove the Jolla entry from your Renault carkit, if you've already paired before (Settings / Bluetooth connection -> scroll to the entry of your Jolla, press the > button to enter its settings, select 'Delete this device')
  3. You might want to restart your Jolla and your carkit to make sure any cached connection settings are gone.
  4. On your carkit go to Settings / Bluetooth connection, select an empty slot, press > to enter it, choose 'Pair audio device' (not phone!)
  5. On your Jolla go to Settings / System / Bluetooth, and from the Pulley menu select 'Search for devices'
  6. Once 'My_Radiosat' appears in the entries select it and Jolla will enter into a 'Connecting...' loop (as described above)
  7. At that point, your carkit will display a PIN entry screen, so enter some PIN, say 1234, and accept it. It will result with a 'Connection has failed...' message on your carkit and the pairing process will stop.
  8. However, Jolla will now let you to enter a PIN, so enter 1234 and accept the pairing. 'My_Radiosat' will now appear as paired on your Jolla even tho the process didn't complete.
  9. Once again on your carkit select an empty slot, press > to enter it and choose 'Pair audio device'
  10. On your Jolla tap the already paired 'My_Radiosat' and your carkit will again display the PIN entry screen - enter the same PIN as you've entered in step 8.
  11. With some luck, you'll now them paired. You might need to repeat the process a couple of times (worked for me on a second try) but eventually the pairing will exist on both sides at which point you can continue to use your Jolla with your carkit as if the update never happened.

*In dependence of the software and hardware version this name can also be My-Radiosat or MY-CAR.

Once you have them paired, launch the 'Phone' menu on your carkit (the TEL button on the dashboard), go to 'Directory Management' and then choose 'Update'. After a while you'll be able to access the 'Mobile phonebook' and all other goodies that are enabled with the newly added PBAP profile.

The above workaround should work with other carkits experiencing pairing issues as well, if they give you the same options - namely, to initiate the pairing and define the PIN from Jolla, not from the carkit.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice. I did the new pairing and it seems to work. Didn't have so much trouble connecting thought. Not sure if it is related, but I'm a user of the connman hotfix. And to confirm, the 'other Renault carkits, I'm a TomTom Carminat owner, so yes those have the same issue.

Jarno ( 2014-06-15 00:53:56 +0300 )edit

Had a drive today and tried the update phonebook part. Problems are now back :-( So this does not solve the issue (for me).

Jarno ( 2014-06-15 22:20:05 +0300 )edit
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