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What bugs does Sailfish X have?

asked 2017-10-25 18:22:03 +0300

Kalatti gravatar image

I'm interested in buying an Xperia X and would like to know if Sailfish X has any bug or some feature does not work well.

I read that Sailfish OS (from Jolla phones) works best even on an Intex Aqua Fish, is it true?

Does it deserve to buy an Xperia X or should I wait?

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Personally the main issue is that my SD card isn't recognized. The other little thing is that it can't load my SIM card on the fly, I need to reboot.

Apart from that and what's listed by Jolla, works quite well for me. If you find a cheap second hand Xperia X in good shape, it worth it.

Sthocs ( 2017-10-25 19:35:49 +0300 )edit

Just reformat your SD card to FAT32 and you're good to go! This is what I did with my 64GB SDHC card now it is working perfectly.

Sailor_John_Doe ( 2017-10-26 01:00:16 +0300 )edit

Our help article on SD cards supported by Sailfish OS:

jovirkku ( 2017-10-26 11:06:26 +0300 )edit

Please guys, click on the link, I know which cards SFOS is supposed to support... The card is working in the J1, formatted in VFAT.

Sthocs ( 2017-10-26 13:14:44 +0300 )edit

for solid performance I can recommend the Intex Aquafish (plus a good camera) My Xperia does not make me happy yet.

danfin ( 2017-11-12 11:53:23 +0300 )edit

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answered 2017-10-25 18:38:51 +0300

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updated 2019-12-10 14:08:53 +0300

TL;DR: Sailfish X still has several bugs and missing functionalities, but many people here use it daily as their main phone, and it works just fine for 90% of use cases.

Note that some bugs on this list can be remedied, and others not yet.

Please edit this post directly, it is a wiki, so anyone may edit it. Ideally links would be created in this Wiki leading to the solutions to those issues that can be resolved. If someone can do that it will be useful for the community.

  1. Wireless tethering is not currently enabled. (Workaround exists. | support added in SFOS 2.1.4.x)
  2. BTRFS support is missing. (added SD card support in SFOS 2.1.4.x)
  3. Sometimes the mobile network settings are lost. (Solutions exists.)
  4. Call recording is not currently working properly. (fixed with SFOS 2.1.3.x)
  5. Double-tap-to-wake not enabled. (Solution exists.)
  6. Camera often does not focus as desired.
  7. Video recordings currently in UHD instead of FHD and Darth Vader like sound recording (SFOS 2.1.4.x introduced some improvements).
  8. Some issues with μSD card functionality under Sailfish X. (Which issues? Please specify. Workaround exists? Please add link.)
  9. Exchange Activesync (EAS) doesn't work reliably. Every few days synchronization stops, and the only workaround is to reboot phone, or reset it in terminal. In fact, EAS is even less stable than on Aqua Fish / Jolla C. Last stable synchronization was on Jolla 1.
  10. Volume level can not be adjusted high enough and is not synchronized between Sailfish OS and Aliendalvik (Android apps). (SFOS 2.1.4.x adds echo cancellation to the audio path) 19.Notifications for Android applications are often in loop.

  11. Camera button does not launch camera application as could be expected (not really a bug, more of a desired feature). (feature added in SFOS 2.1.4.x, though does not work on lock screen yet)

  12. Email application is laggy when viewing an email containing many pictures (please verify if Xperia X-specific, or move to general features).
  13. Camera button is single-function: only takes photo. Focus on half-press does not work. (feature added in for the front camera, and added to main camera)
  14. Camera zoom using volume keys does not function (maybe not bug but more of a desirable feature).
  15. Video viewed in browser is not smooth. (SFOS 2.1.4.x introduced some improvements).
  16. When listening to music with a bluetooth headset, if wlan is activated the music has small but audible pauses/hicups at regular intervals, probably due to scanning for access points. (workaround: turn wlan off. Although this workaround does not work reliably). BT audio working or not seems to depend on client device used.
  17. Xperia X does not power up when an alarm rings while it's off.
  18. CPU cores are not handled optimally (issue mentioned in 2.1.4 release notes). As a result, occasionally the phone becomes hot.
  19. Roaming does not always work (Workaround seems to be to switch back to android and then install sailfish x again.) Edit: This workaround is not working! Jolla has no clue how to get it to work.
  20. Simcard removed issue can occur when crossing borders (roaming) but also randomly without going abroad. No known fix. Reboot required (maybe not anymore, see answer in SIM card removed issue).

Missing Xperia-X hardware functionality:

  1. Fingerprint sensor does not currently function. (fixed with SFOS 2.2.0.x)
  2. Compass does not currently function. (fixed in SFOS 2.2.1)
  3. Near-field-communications is not currently functional.
  4. Barometer does not currently function.
  5. FM radio is missing.

General feature requests (not specifically Xperia X bugs):

  1. VOIP/SIP is not available natively (true for all of SailfishOS).
  2. VoWIFI and VoLTE is not currently available (true for all of SailfishOS. VoLTE support has been announced for Sailfish 3 in Q3 2018).
  3. Sailfish OS uses an old version of the Android runtime (Kitkat 4.4); some apps (a minority) may require a newer version and cannot run. (planned to be upgraded in SFOS 3)
  4. No individualized control of permissions for Android applications (true for all of SailfishOS).
  5. No system for payments for applications in Jolla Store (true for all of SailfishOS).
  6. Convoluted disk space partitioning that seems unnecessarily complicated. (Subjective, not necessary for average user.)
  7. Poor use of available disk space reduces space available for user without good technical justification. (Workaround exists. Subjective, not necessary for average user.)
  8. VPN is still at beta level for all SFOS devices (though support has improved with SFOS 2.2.1).
  9. Android apps cannot create or modify contacts; they can only access them read-only (true for all of SailfishOS).
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Is it possible that bugs, including problems with the 4G? I use a MVNO handler that with Jolla C, I do not mind, while with Xperia it is fixed in 3G. I tried a sim of a 4G enabled MNO operator and stayed in 4G for a few seconds.

mercurio ( 2017-10-25 19:36:11 +0300 )edit

I don't understand why people are downvoting this? Sure, 12/13 are maybe a bit subjective but 1-11 are correct.

sidv ( 2017-10-25 19:38:21 +0300 )edit

Is it possible that bugs, including problems with the 4G? I use a MVNO handler that with Jolla C, I do not mind, while with Xperia it is fixed in 3G. I tried a sim of a 4G enabled MNO operator and stayed in 4G for a few seconds.

mercurio ( 2017-10-25 19:38:24 +0300 )edit

@mercurio I am using X in the US and have working 4G (for the first time with sailfish, ever), so at least it's not a common bug.

sidv ( 2017-10-25 19:52:50 +0300 )edit

I would add to this 14. Camera misfocuses a lot. 15. Video recordings currently in UHD instead of FHD and Darth Vader like sound recording (reported and apparently fixed upstream already)

leszek ( 2017-10-25 20:32:02 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-11-10 10:26:52 +0300

objectifnul gravatar image

updated 2017-11-11 22:57:40 +0300

I think the worst one is the lack of available system memory. I couldn't even reinstall onto my 32 Gb Xperia all the apps I had on my 16 Gb Jolla. system data

Additionally, this conclusion of the Oct. 18 meeting appears to be totally unacceptable for those who purchased SailfishX and an Xperia X device to host it:

No safe solutions exist to the two problems: losing 7 GB to factory reset, and too small system partition (rootfs); we'll have in mind to enlarge rootfs in future devices, for now just install less apps and use SD card ;) (sledges, 08:54:50)

I assume the OS development team will not consider this topic closed. I wouldn't recommend buying SailfishX + Xperia X for now, unless a workable solution is made available.

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Is this still the case? So of the 32gb on the X you can only use 2.5gb? I'm confused by this one!

I really want to move to sailfish and would love an Xperia X (or XA2 if all set) to install it on but I'm constantly put off hearing these issues. The trouble is; 1) It's not easy to get hold of an Xperia X any more in the UK that you can be confident it is unlockable 2) It's then not easy to ensure the DRM keys are backed up and to restore them to return the X if there are so many bugs that I think the phone is unusable as my main phone.

mr_xperia ( 2018-08-25 16:38:20 +0300 )edit

@mr_xperia :

Note :

  • here the situation is slightly different than what we have discussed in your thread.
  • it's still the "only 20GiB partition" problem
  • that partition is split using LVM into a / (a.k.a root) partition, and a /home.
  • android stuff goes into /home/.android/data/ so it's not relevant here (and these apps tend to be huge)
  • some native apps can put stuff into / (mostly into /usr/share)
  • for some reason, some of the native apps that @objectful has been using put way to much shit in there. (<- that's not normal behaviour to begin with )
  • also for some reason, said apps don't have a nice user interface to move the shit to the SD card ( <- that's a big UX issue for the app, file an issue to the devs.)

There's a possible manuall fix to circumvent :

  • Put symlinks that divert whatever directory gets too full toward the SD card.
  • e.g.: Stellarium (that's the biggest example I could come up with) puts 80MB worth of star maps in /usr/share/stellarium.
  • move Stellarium: mv /usr/share/stellarium /run/media/nemo/MyData/
  • make a symlink : ln -s /run/media/nemo/MyData/stellarium /usr/share/
  • problem solved.
DrYak ( 2018-08-30 13:28:14 +0300 )edit

It's not a problem for the Jolla 1 because :

  • Sailfish X on Xperia X uses LVM to statically split the available 20GiB into 2GiB root and 18GiB users' home.
  • Jolla 1 use a feature of the BTRFS that grow dynamically sub-trees inside the same partition space. the ~14GiB space remaining for data is spread over the @ (root) and @home subvolumes of the BTRFS partition as need arise.
  • This comes with its own set of problem if the partition runs out of 1GiB chunks for BTRFS to allocate OR runs out of 256MiB chunks to use for metadata. (The dreaded enospc error message) This is saddly highly likely on a tiny partition like the 13GiB of Jolla 1.
  • But even that can somewhat be alleviated by better following official BTRFS recommendations

The end result is that way too many people got burned by the peculiarities of BTRFS (weird space management in 'chunks', very unusual recovery strategies - one of the rules of BTRFS is that you NEVER actually try to repair a filesystem, you only run fsck as a last resort when EVERYTHING else has failed).

And Jolla saddly decided to step aside from it, so since the Jolla Tablet and Jolla C you have space that is statically split using LVM, and EXT4 partition of fixed size.

The 2GiB root limit on Sailfish X stems from that, but shouldn't be a big issue under normal circumstances (the largest app I have is 80MiB, I barely exceed 200MiB of installed app data).

And is perfectly circumventable until Jolla comes with a better solution.

(Use du -s -c /usr/share/* | sort -n to get a list of space consumers)

DrYak ( 2018-08-30 13:42:36 +0300 )edit

Forgot to add regarding the symlink trick :

this works WAY BETTER if the SD card is formatted with a non-stupid file system.

Use something unix-y, at best : BTRFS, F2FS or EXT4.

So that anything that you moved app needs in the original EXT4/BTRFS partition in /usr/share/{app} , such as access rights, extended attributes, advanced access control, etc. keeps working once moved to your EXT4/BTRFS/F2FS SD card.

Forget about FAT32 and exFAT, they are b0rked by design

(For FATnn-family, that is partially excusable : it's an evolution of an extremely ancient file system that dates back from the dark ages of 16bit home computers, and that was about what you could do with the limited ressources.

But exFAT ? Why, gods, why did Microsoft need to inflict us this crap ? Specially when there was already UDF as a partition format used by nearly everyone, and specially geared toward less writing (one variant of it was even used on CD-R and DVD-R, things that can only be burned and never overwritten !), but no Microsoft desperately needed to come up with a new shit...

...oh, yeah. I know. A broken attempt at money grab by using patents. I hate you, Microsoft)

DrYak ( 2018-08-30 13:56:27 +0300 )edit

After years of maturing: The rootfs is still too small! ...

jolladiho ( 2019-03-13 14:27:37 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-10-26 18:34:14 +0300

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updated 2017-10-26 22:50:44 +0300

Filip K. gravatar image

OK, I have just taken @oenone's answer and cleaned it from feature requests and subjective stuff. I am also making into a wiki so everyone can edit it; please change as new information comes to light!

  1. Wireless tethering is not currently enabled. (Workaround exits.)
  2. Near-field-communications are not currently functional.
  3. BTRFS support is missing.
  4. Sometimes the mobile network settings are lost. (Solutions exits.)
  5. Call recording is not currently working properly. (known bug - fixed)
  6. Double-tap-to-wake not enabled. (Solution exists.)
  7. Other Xperia X sensors like the barometer, compass, fingerprint, etc do not currently function.
  8. Camera often does not focus as desired.
  9. Video recordings currently in UHD instead of FHD and Darth Vader like sound recording (reported and apparently fixed upstream already).
  10. Some issues with μSD card functionality under Sailfish X. (Workaround exists.)
  11. Exchange Activesync (EAS) doesn't work reliably. Every few days synchronization stops, and the only workaround is to reboot phone.
  12. Volume adjustment is not synchronized between Sailfish OS and Aliendalvik (Android apps).
  13. Notifications for Android applications are often in loop.
  14. Camera button does not launch camera application.
  15. Email application is very laggy.
  16. Video viewed in browser are not smooth.
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Thanks, that's much better. For number 10. what is the workaround you mention? Recompiling the kernel?

Sthocs ( 2017-10-26 18:55:40 +0300 )edit

About no. 9: "reported and apparently fixed upstream already" - do you have a source for this information?

TomC ( 2017-10-29 10:07:33 +0300 )edit

The volume in both the earpiece and the speaker, isn't really high. This is an important issue. What is the status? See: https://together.jolla.com/question/169291/xperia-x-speakerphone-volume-too-low/

NikosAlexandris ( 2017-11-02 09:53:29 +0300 )edit

I have an issue where the screen, directly after awakening with a power button press, is totally unresponsive, so you either way for it to time out and re-sleep, or hit the power button twice (to dismiss the awakened screen and then wake it again) in order to be able to swipe the phone on.

I also find the keyboard in Android a little buggy, sometimes touching a text field will bring up the keyboard, but then it automatically disappears after a second.

I also cannot get google maps to utilise the GPS data, I can see with sailfish apps that the GPS is locked in and working, and yet gmaps does not show a location.

Beethoven ( 2017-11-10 16:51:23 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-11-09 15:35:31 +0300

wvh gravatar image

Audio is pretty badly distorted when music plays at low volume, like when a song starts or ends. I suspect some bugs with sampling or power saving, as the Xperia X clearly plays music just fine in Android.

The btrfs file system is not supported anymore (not built into kernel), but the f2fs file system is. However, when formatting a microsd card in Linux, copying music to it and moving the card to the phone, SailfishX only shows the top-level directory. Just creating the file system on Linux and inserting the empty card into the phone works; files on the device are created without a problem over SSH or MTP. I suspect some on-disk format changes, the kernel on Xperia X is pretty old. It might be a good idea for Jolla to include mkfs.f2fs on the device so the GUI can format microsd memory cards and any compatibility issues are avoided.

Apart from that, SailfishX has been pretty stable for me so far.

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i also have the same audio issues.

clifford ( 2017-11-09 16:05:16 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-11-10 01:31:36 +0300

hagiz gravatar image

Unlocking phone doesn't always wrk(several times daly for me). Hangs on lock screen and have to preas power button and try again.

Have also had a few reboots during the night while charging, with missed calls as a result. Fixed temporarily by disabling SIM card lock.

Haven't used sailfish since Jolla 1 died a couple of years ago and going frm swiftkey to this keyboard is going to take me a long time to adjust to, otherwise good to be back.

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Do you have doubletap-to-wake enabled?

It seems that will sometimes behave so that lockscreen is shown but you cannot swipe left or right to enter the lock code. Short press to powerbutton to shut display and retrying works after that.

Withlut doubletap enabled, I never have this problem.

juiceme ( 2017-11-10 10:32:53 +0300 )edit

Yes I have enabled double tap. Thanks, that must be it!

hagiz ( 2017-11-10 10:50:38 +0300 )edit

Double tap doesn't work fine, if you've actived it, this is the cause of this issue

carmenfdezb ( 2017-11-14 19:33:29 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-11-12 11:42:30 +0300

jsommer gravatar image
  1. Failing CalDAV Synchronization (Duplication of events)
  2. Failing Google Calendar Synchronization (Nothing happens at all)
  3. Loosing VPN Connection although re-connection option is enabled

You need to remove and re-configure the accounts each time if you wand to update the calender events.

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agree, most of which works almost flawless on Jolla C / Intex Aquafish

danfin ( 2017-11-12 11:51:12 +0300 )edit

I can confirm this - highly enoying and a must to fix as soon as possible.

DNG ( 2017-11-12 12:44:44 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-10-27 16:31:38 +0300

NYL gravatar image

Also i've found if you are in a call handsfree doesn't work

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you mean speaker? indeed!

Bavarian ( 2017-11-13 22:37:37 +0300 )edit

But few times i used handsfree coorspondent complainded so much about echo it had to be switched off. In my case handsfree works but sound quality is so poor that it can't be used. It was in quiet room with phone on a steady wood table at about 50 cm. Anyway realy like to use sailfish X.

clementb ( 2018-01-05 00:01:58 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-11-10 13:49:08 +0300

ehakkarainen gravatar image

Just to add one - when (BT) headphones are connected to the phone the phone audio cannot be routed to the loud-speaker.

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Behaving the other way round for me - when listening to music over a BT headset, a phone call will not be routed to the headset, although the music stops. The only way for me to take the call is to switch on the loudspeaker. Using on Xperia X. Now upgrading to, will see if that helps.

jschwarz ( 2019-01-19 15:06:15 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-11-13 23:20:51 +0300

Bavarian gravatar image

updated 2017-11-14 00:17:04 +0300

I found the following issues so far. Trying not to double the points others already mentionned.

1) Unsharp pictures, especially in lowlight. hte preview on the Xperia screen looks good, but the photo taken is blury and less sharp than the preview. Big disappointment

2) Shutter sound and shutter action not syncron, esp. with flash

3) white balance with flash way too yellowish

4) wakin the screen takes 0,5s too long. expect a more snappy behaviour. with button as well as with douple tap

5) speaker volume (during calls on loudspeaker) way too low

6) sometimes laggy behaviour, cant say yet in which situations exactly, will have a more close look on this one when it exactly happens. EDIT: Happened during using firefox, scrolling a news webpage

BTW: These points I like about SFOS-X: - brilliant screen - hardware that feels worthy and stable - ability to use SFOS on some piece of fast hardware that doesnt feel outdated - no overheating/background process overload issues so far -superb word prediction, Android support

-just my 5cents-

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answered 2018-05-17 15:52:42 +0300

helmsman gravatar image

Interesting thread! After going through this and other bugs threads unluckily it seems to me that Sailfish on the Xperia is more a tinkerers phone than a daily driver. Stable system and reliable network connection, flawless roaming and Whatsapp support are some of the fundamentals for me which simply need to work - after all I am also using my phone at work where I need those things. I was seriously considering giving Sailfish OS a try, but all the open bugs and issues kind of scared me away. I don't feel the need to make my life more difficult as it already is ;) So my question to all the sailors here: Do you use Sailfish X at the current state as your daily driver? Would you still recommend it to me?

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As far I am concerned, it is my daily phone ! I use it for GPS, I use it to play some game like coc ... I phone with it, in my car trhough BT,, I manage my calendar ... It is true that I problably close my eyes on some problem. Contact one is very annoying but I can live with it ... I can not launch Diggy game ... ok, I play less during days ... And problems ? I got one where I was enforced to remove completely SOFS ( but I saw a recent post with a quicker solution). But it was the only one ... trhough 4 months of intense use. Moreother, I got Intex ( before the glass broke !) and the camera was very poor ... Now, I can take a picture without asking my self if I will be able to show it. I am really happy about it.

Cube ( 2018-05-17 16:01:45 +0300 )edit

After solving the Bluetooth car connection issue I switched to the Xperia finally some weeks ago and I am more than happy with it. At least in my case I don't have the impression that network, roaming or anything else isn't stable. I use it as my primary phone and don't have serious problems which couldn't be solved. Nothing is setting back my life and after the next update to SFOS 2.2 I will prepare a Dual Sim Xperia for my wife as well. So don't be worried about all the reported bugs.

Only WhatsApp I can't comment since I am refusing this company in general ;).

vision ( 2018-05-18 00:20:50 +0300 )edit

It's my daily driver and works well with that. With Whatsapp, banking apps, Spotify app and so on.

BonoNL ( 2018-05-23 01:41:01 +0300 )edit

I don't get it how so few seems to mind or mention that whatsapp video calls are almost useless, because of rotated video and app instability.

edgar ( 2018-07-26 09:20:22 +0300 )edit

This thread has a lot of "opinions mistaken for bugs". For example: tap to wake is not a Sailfish OS option. It's not even an Android Native option. It's just a feature of the Sony android ROM. I have no SD card issues ever, and I tried multiple Sd cards. But SD-card incompatibilities exist on all brands of hardware. It sucks, maybe it is a bug in the phone, but could also be the card. Just buy a different card. I had to do that when switching photo camera brands(Lexar cards do not work great in my Olympus).

The email client lags are also fixed. The Email client seems a lot more reliable since the latest Sailfish version(on previous versions I had to reboot the phone now and then to get it working again). I heavily use multiple Exchange accounts, and although the internal client is a bit limited it works fine for contacts and native calendar. For more advanced features i use the android Nine app. I've always used that on Android as well, because the native android email clients have also limited functionality compared to Nine.

Camera is working fine nowadays. Even focusing. No, it's not as good as current flagship phone models and it isn't even as good as Xperia X on android. But it is working good enough, and the quality is decent, so that is not a bug.

VPN is also fine. And it did work fine for me for a long time, even when routing all traffic over the VPN. Xperia not powering up on alarm: big deal. :) A lot of the other issues are fixed.

The things that are remaining for me: - Default browser slow and not working all to well --> True, it should really be improved. But is it a big deal? Just install alternative browser from openrepo's. Of install a good android browser, firefox or opera for example. - Bluetooth --> Bluetooth audio/calls does work fine with my audio devices and carkit. But no contact sync.

Xperia X is a great phone, and it's even better with Sailfish OS on it. It can definitively be used a a daily driver.

yomark ( 2018-09-11 11:50:38 +0300 )edit
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