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[Official announcement] Translate Sailfish OS: elections of community languages & linguists

asked 2016-05-12 20:30:30 +0200

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updated 2018-10-19 12:18:14 +0200

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Q: How can I suggest a new language?
A: Add an answer below, if you have checked it hasn't been requested yet.

Q: My language was added to the translation tool, great thanks! How can others and myself enjoy translating it the most?
A: The answer is here.

Q: My language hasn't been added yet :(
A: Ensure it has a coordinator assigned, and if not, nominate yourself. Then we'll add your language to the tool.

Q: What is a coordinator?
A: The answer is here.

Q: When will I be able to see the language strings on my device?
A: Ping @martonmiklos with a mention if you would like to have an rpm to be built and/or published from your language. For short term the localization packages will be published on OpenRepos. You could also manage the RPM build for yourself. Here you can find the scripts used for building the current packages.

Jarkko, Pami, & Sim
Your Jolla L10n Team

List of nominated languages :
(in alphabetical order - click on link to vote or volunteer yourself as coordinator for us to add that language)
• Afrikaans (Southern Africa)
• Artificial languages (Pirate, Klingon etc)
• Cantonese (Hong Kong)
• Dhivehi (Maldivian)
• Georgian
• Hebrew
• Luxembourgish
• Malay
• Sanskrit
• Serbian (Latin)
• Sorbian (Lower)
• Sorbian (Upper)

Added - @coordinator(s):
• Belarusian (Taraskievica)
• Bulgarian - @deloptes, @HeinrichJolla, spaceumko
• Catalan - Download - @juzzz
• Dutch (Belgium) - @nthn
• Esperanto
• Galician - @pakoR
• Indonesian - @fpermana
• Irish
• Japanese - Download - @kenya888
• Korean - Download - @peremen
• Latvian - @akerran
• Lithuanian - @sledges
• Macedonian
• Occitan - @Quenti
• Romanian - @rtr2001
• Serbian (Cyrillic) - @saleki
• Slovak - @zemiacsik
• Tatar - @aserg, rgilmi, Marat_Elmet, @a.khorkov
• Thai
• Ukrainian - @Igorion, @Teodor
• Vietnamese - @Beo96
• Welsh

Officially supported
Will be selectable on devices, and factory flashed in future new products, that's why it needs to hit 100% during every translation round in order not to delay updates
Please volunteer to coordinate them too!
• Chinese (China traditional)
• Chinese (Hong Kong)
• Chinese (Taiwan) - @zerngjia
• Czech - @xmlich02, [help needed]
• Danish - @Louis
• Dutch - @nthn, @Jarno
• English (UK)
• English (US)
• Estonian @krs, @werdinand
• Finnish
• French
• German - @ejjoman
• Greek - @dglent
• Hungarian - @martonmiklos
• Italian
• Languages of India
 • Bengali - @biraj
 • Gujarati
 • Hindi
 • Kannada
 • Malayalam - @drpradeeprkrishnan
 • Marathi - @bhavin192, @vmdhhh
 • Panjabi/Punjabi
 • Tamil
 • Telugu - @kskarthik
• Norwegian Bokmål - @emva
• Polish - @atlochowski
• Portuguese
• Portuguese (Brazil) - @SailFisherMan
• Russian
• Slovenian - @sponka, jbartl, @Filip K.
• Spanish - @carmenfdezb
• Swedish
• Turkish - @jiit, @maidis

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... tempted to propose "Bork" : active on users birthdays ;)

launchpad ( 2016-05-13 16:17:10 +0200 )edit

Is there any way to request another l10n related improvements? Like these two issues:

martonmiklos ( 2016-05-15 22:26:25 +0200 )edit

Add Catalan (more tha 7 million people speaks, reads and writes)

darius ( 2016-05-17 12:36:06 +0200 )edit

@darius, please add languages suggestions as answers below, thanks! :)

sledges ( 2016-05-25 13:18:11 +0200 )edit

@sledges Is there an ETA of when the proposed languages will start appearing on the tool?

ApB ( 2016-05-25 16:45:57 +0200 )edit

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answered 2016-05-13 15:22:12 +0200

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updated 2016-05-17 20:56:38 +0200

raketti gravatar image


There are 2 different keyboards already available in warehouse.

Also it has some upvotes here:

I can contribute in translation.

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Thank you for your entry.

Keyboard layout requests/submitting is done here:

sledges ( 2016-05-13 15:23:46 +0200 )edit

Hello, I can help with RO translation. There's no coordinator so far, I may try endorsing the role although limited availability.

rtr2001 ( 2016-11-17 13:30:05 +0200 )edit

This has gathered a lot of votes, @rtr2001 would you still be able to coordinate (or anyone else do come forth :)

sledges ( 2017-07-11 14:41:35 +0200 )edit

I am translating in Romanian; who else can help?

MariusP ( 2017-07-23 20:03:27 +0200 )edit

Thanks for the translation style guide. I started again with the translation work after a longer break. It seems that last year i could accept suggestions for the project i started work on (jolla-clock) but now i can't anymore. How is the process supposed to work? is it only the coordinator that can accept suggestions and perform reviews?

Florin ( 2018-02-12 11:48:54 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-05-13 16:11:34 +0200

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updated 2016-05-13 16:29:25 +0200

launchpad gravatar image

Japanese d (^_^) b

My wife would be more than happy ;) ....

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Nice:) I'd like to be a coordinator of Japanese translation if it is elected:)

kenya888 ( 2016-06-01 16:24:13 +0200 )edit

@kenya888 that's awesome, you are now the coordinator! Thank you very much for your hard upkeeping of Transifex of all those great languages, now we are all under one Pootle's wing :))

sledges ( 2016-09-23 14:12:58 +0200 )edit

@sledges Yey! Thanks a lot!! I'm happy that my small work for myself finally became the contribution for Sailfish OS community:)

kenya888 ( 2016-09-23 15:17:47 +0200 )edit

@kenya888@knokmki612@helicalgear@jiminy @palmdra @taike

Hi all! I have just seen that you have completed the translation of the Japanese language. Great work!

If you want I can build an RPM from the sources (even it will not be matching with any of the currently available OS versions) and put it to openrepos. In the past an user called "qtquickme" built RPMs from the transifex project. If it is any of you I would prefer using that package to avoid having multiple language packs on openrepos. I would also like to ask him/her to move it to the translations category and preferably add an icon with the Japanese flag. Thanks!

martonmiklos ( 2016-11-16 21:26:43 +0200 )edit


Thank you for your offer!

Maybe @kenya888 knows about administration of "qtquickme" in OpenRepos.

I think it is good idea, but on the other hand I have a question to make this conversation clear. In this offer, which users("qtquickme" or "martonmiklos") will finally publishes the "unofficial-jolla-language-pack-ja" package?

knokmki612 ( 2016-11-20 11:01:35 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-05-13 17:19:53 +0200

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updated 2016-05-17 21:00:43 +0200

raketti gravatar image


Hi. Would like to see Jolla phone/tablet translated to Slovak (and official Slovak keyboard, too) unofficial already exists.

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Hi! Keyboard layout requests/submitting is done here:

sledges ( 2016-05-25 13:23:03 +0200 )edit

@xkkxk would you like to coordinate? @xmlich02 has been administrating both in Transifex, if I remember correctly

sledges ( 2016-09-23 14:17:35 +0200 )edit

@sledges If there is no coordinator for Slovak yet, I could be one of them for a moment :-)

zemiacsik ( 2016-11-15 18:10:57 +0200 )edit

Tag! You're it @zemiacsik, thank you and enjoy! :D

sledges ( 2016-11-15 18:24:03 +0200 )edit

@zemiacsik Is there a space to help with translating to slovak? Up to date I suggested whole untranslated phrases (1025).

orol ( 2017-09-24 19:44:26 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-06-30 13:40:48 +0200

PureTryOut gravatar image

updated 2016-08-24 01:13:14 +0200

sledges gravatar image


I would love to see Esperanto added. It's by far the most used constructed language of the world, and really easy to learn. Support for it's 6 special characters (ĉ, ĝ, ĥ, ĵ, ŝ, ŭ) on the keyboard would be great to have as well. The Linux distros on the PC already support it, and I'm really missing it's support on Sailfish.

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Would anyone like to step up and be the coordinator? (is the main reason this language still hasn't been added :)

Keyboard requests go to Pekka:

sledges ( 2017-07-11 14:40:11 +0200 )edit

I would be so happy if Esperanto gets added. I would love to help but i dont know anything about being a coordinator

yiannako ( 2018-04-06 03:56:00 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-05-12 20:30:52 +0200

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updated 2016-05-12 20:51:05 +0200

sledges gravatar image

Artificial languages (Pirate, Klingon, ...)

At Jolla we are still assessing the possibility to have such languages that do not have their own POSIX locale definition (meaning that days of week, month names etc would not get localised). If you are an expert in such integration, let's work together! Here's the first link I got from fledermaus on #sailfishos IRC: on the subject, yet still nothing about the POSIX itself (think localegen)

In the worst case we'll just resort to UK English for the locale-related bits...

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answered 2016-05-13 02:16:06 +0200

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updated 2016-05-13 13:57:27 +0200

raketti gravatar image


Hi. Would like to see Jolla phone/tablet translated to hebrew. Also official hebrew keyboard (unofficial already exist).

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If you want the keyboard included -and agree with the licenses and stuff- contact Pekka > directly.

ApB ( 2016-05-13 12:12:33 +0200 )edit

Keyboard layout requests/submitting is done here:

sledges ( 2016-05-13 14:13:43 +0200 )edit

@sledges, @ApB, thanks... But adding my Hebrew keyboard probably is not relevant until someone can help me to fix the bug that started from update (maybe one before):

Schturman ( 2016-05-13 14:40:41 +0200 )edit

Since you are willing to have they keyboard included contact Pekka and also tell him about the bug. He can probably help you more than anyone else.

ApB ( 2016-05-13 15:56:50 +0200 )edit

@ApB, thanks... I will try to ask him...

Schturman ( 2016-05-13 23:17:28 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-05-13 16:18:07 +0200

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updated 2016-09-23 10:57:30 +0200

sledges gravatar image

Chinese (Taiwan)

Hi, I (zerngjia) am a long term FLOSS translator who have been contributed to Chinese (Taiwan) translations. I started my contributions when Moblin came out, then latter followed by MeeGO. Although Tizen is said to be a successor of MeeGo, they don't actually open for translations. After Nokia decided to give up MeeGo, I was so sad that I could not enjoy my work on a real retailed smart phone! Although I could not enjoy any Moblin/MeeGo phone in Taiwan as they don't sell or ship to Taiwan, I still asked one of my friend who studied at London last year to buy a Jolla Phone for me (I paid, of course) to fulfill my dream using a Moblin/MeeGo/Mer system phone.

However, I did not give up translating, I turned to help with GNOME project which Moblin took advantages of. I also changed my default desktop environment to GNOME (used to be KDE). As I contributed more, I found I learned more about localization. Now, I am the coordinator of Ubuntu Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) Translators, Chinese (traditional) team of GNU translation project and Chinese (Taiwan) team of LibreOffice. My frequently used ID is zerng07.

I would like to seize the chance to help SailfishOS to have a better Chinese (Taiwan) language interface.

I want to be the coordinator of Chinese (Taiwan) language. Thanks.

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I am the only one translator for Chinese(Taiwan) in the transifex, but I am happy someone could help me to coordinate this.

hanhsuan ( 2016-05-14 15:52:01 +0200 )edit

Nice to meet you.

I don't know you before in Chinese (Taiwan) FLOSS translation community. Are you in Taiwan? Maybe we can meet each other on FLOSS events such as COSCUP to have some discussions. That will be interesting.

Jolla now opens Pootle translation contributions. If Chinese (Taiwan) is accepted, the coordination job for unofficial translation is not needed in thr future by then. We can work directly on Poolte.

zerngjia ( 2016-05-14 19:46:27 +0200 )edit

Nice to meet you ,too. I am only working on some projects that nobody cares right now in Taiwan, such as FreeCAD and other apps of Sailfish. Of course, I really hope Chinese(Taiwan) could be the official one on Poolte, then I will move to there.

hanhsuan ( 2016-05-15 02:16:06 +0200 )edit

Hi zerngjia

After 2nd Oct, you have stopped translating. Do you need any help to be a coordinator?

hanhsuan ( 2016-10-25 06:00:34 +0200 )edit

Welcome to help!

It will be good if you can be another coordinator as well to check and approve those suggestion! @sledges could you please help to add hanhsuan as another coordinator for Chinese Taiwan community?

zerngjia ( 2016-10-25 07:39:10 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-05-13 16:39:59 +0200

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updated 2016-05-25 13:24:34 +0200

sledges gravatar image


My biggest translations are for Midnight Commander and phpMyAdmin, but I have translated several other programs/projects available in Weblate and Transifex. I [krs] am willing to become the translation coordinator.

PS. Sailfish has had Estonian keyboard for some time. Why not to add translation too. (BTW, you could get another record: iOS is still unavailable in Estonian.)

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Thanks for that my Baltic fellow :)

sledges ( 2016-05-13 16:43:49 +0200 )edit

I'm also ready to help with Estonian translations. So please add Estonian also, as we already have a translation coordinator candidate.

Peeter ( 2016-05-31 09:25:25 +0200 )edit

Hi @krs, could you please email me your pootle username so I can make you the coordinator as soon as Estonian lands in the tool? Cheers!

sledges ( 2016-06-29 02:31:48 +0200 )edit

Estonian language has now been added and is galloping away with suggestions from fellow Estonians.

@krs, I guessed your account username and added you as coordinator who is able to accept/reject suggestions as well as submit directly yourself. Please tell me if that works for you. Cheers!

sledges ( 2016-07-05 15:59:37 +0200 )edit

@krs, I hope you're still around :) yet there hasn't been a single Estonian suggestion reviewed (accepted or rejected) by you, but there are enough sugestions to make this languages at least 90% complete! Alternatively, could we have another coordinator who could do the reviews? Perhaps allan or kaurman usernames on pootle, you did a great deal suggesting, fellows!

sledges ( 2016-08-24 01:09:58 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-06-16 18:27:04 +0200

sponka gravatar image

updated 2016-06-16 18:36:46 +0200


I'm late to sign here, please add Slovenian (sl-SI).

Has 84% in transifex (would be more but not all strings are available).

Slovenian keyboard also exists in OpenRepos, kindly provided by Penguin:

We also have translated some most common apps (Warehouse, SailGrande, WebPirate, MeeCast, mitakuulu2 ... to name a few).

As for coordinator -- if nobody else I volunteer :)

Thanks, b.

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Hvala @sponka, you are now the coordinator!

sledges ( 2016-09-23 14:16:27 +0200 )edit

Oops, @sponka you'll need to send me your pootle username (it's not the same as TJC, or you need to login to at least once) Thanks!

sledges ( 2016-09-23 14:18:34 +0200 )edit


I just logged and linked my TJC account, should be OK now.

sponka ( 2016-09-23 14:35:21 +0200 )edit

It worked, enjoy your coordinator powers @sponka!

sledges ( 2016-09-27 15:43:49 +0200 )edit

@sponka I have seen that you have made progress with the translation. If you need an RPM package to see how it looks on your device just let me know.

martonmiklos ( 2016-11-23 00:10:02 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-05-12 20:31:06 +0200

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updated 2016-09-28 17:25:40 +0200

Andy Branson gravatar image

Languages of India

We're currently looking at finally adding these to the Community Pootle. As 'Indian languages' is far too broad an umbrella, please create individual answers for each language to which you could contribute.

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Hindi Marathi English India

madhusudan ( 2016-05-13 06:54:15 +0200 )edit

I can help with Tamil Language. But can we know what Indian languages are under consideration please?

anandrkris ( 2016-05-15 09:07:30 +0200 )edit

We won't be able to tell which languages we have covered internally as yet, but once the information is no longer confidential, you will be informed.

jahonen ( 2016-05-16 14:47:47 +0200 )edit

I can help with Malayalam as well and some Hindi.

lal ( 2016-05-16 20:10:20 +0200 )edit

I couldn't find a localisation of Jolla in Bengali (Bangladesh) or bn_BD in Pootle. However, I am interested to get the localisation started! Can we have Bengali in our Pootle please?

Aniruddha Adhikary ( 2016-07-06 15:23:21 +0200 )edit
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